Recently, I read an article talking about college girls and what they should and shouldn't wear.

Let me just say, every word in that article is total nonsense.

To start, it is completely directed at women, but why exactly is it only a problem when women wear Nike shorts and a t-shirt to class? Is this just another rule men seem to be exempt from?

Overall, I don't think it's anyone's business what another person is wearing regardless of gender, I just wanted to point out that the writer of this article who is in fact female, directly put down other women just for the fact that they are confident enough to wear what they want instead of what they are always told to wear.

If I want to wake up 10 minutes before class and go in sweats and a messy bun, guess what? I'm gonna do that. I had my share of the dress code in high school so I will definitely take advantage of my ability to wear sweats now that I can. I'm not paying thousands of dollars to be a model in a fashion show, I'm paying for an education.

To me, and I'm sure many others, the amount of information and skills my brain is able to obtain is not affected by how fancy my outfit is. If anything, the comfier clothing would help me more because I wouldn't be thinking about how uncomfortable the skinny jeans I have on are.

I would just be sitting in class, taking notes, minding my own business, and not worrying what those around me look like.

So to my fellow writer who believes it is her responsibility to tell other women like me what is and isn't appropriate to wear, please mind your own business because it is my body and therefore my choice and I am happy to be a very comfortably dressed and successful college student who knows how to get fancy once in a while if it is necessary.