We Need To Stop Validating Hate
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We Need To Stop Validating Hate

Both sides are NOT to blame.

We Need To Stop Validating Hate
Andrew Shurtleff--The Daily Progress

First, I'm just going to say this: Both sides are not to blame. Both sides are not to blame.

After the horrific display of bigotry in Charlottesville, Virginia, after Nazi and Confederate flags were raised with tiki torches, firearms and arrogance, after a Dodge Challenger plowed into a crowd of counter-protestors, you cannot reasonably claim that there was fault on both sides.

You should not dare to equate blatant white supremacy, anti-semitism and a gross misunderstanding of history with those who fought against it. It doesn't matter how counter-protestors resisted: with signs, with shouts, or in fist fights with the "alt-right". The amount of resistance from them will never compare to the immoral, long term violence inflicted by neo-Nazis.

Their "protest" was not just an exercise in free speech. It wasn't simply a non-violent demonstration stating their beliefs. The rally in Charlottesville was a call to action. A call to action against groups of people and their rights to exist. It's beyond disgusting to hear people legitimize the "cause" of white millennial men and women (yes, women. Don't get it twisted) in uniform Polo shirts and khakis shouting, "Jews will not replace us." It's deplorable to hear people compare these hate groups to groups like Black Lives Matter, an organization that actually has a valid cause and history on their side. And it's just scary (albeit unsurprising) to hear the President of the United States validate the voice of hatred.

In the coming weeks, I'd be willing to bet we'll see neo-Nazi correspondents on different media outlets, on TV shows with political pundits and analysts, making their case. I am ready to believe that the media, from Fox News to CNN, will have on the likes of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and alt-right leader Richard Spencer, to represent the other point of view. To play "Devil's advocate". To hear both sides of the story. We simply cannot give them that platform. We cannot make them that comfortable. We cannot give them the satisfaction of thinking their perspectives have a place, that their voices are valid.

So shut their voices down. Belittle Nazis however you can. Contact your representatives, advocate for the appropriate authorities to break up as many organized hate groups—like the KKK—as possible. Don't let hate thrive. Go outside and march. If you can't march, speak out, write, listen to the voices of the oppressed. Do what you can to prevent us from going backwards. We cannot go backwards.

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