Angels Of Death
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Angels Of Death

How Police and Mass Murders Play God

Angels Of Death

I call these men and women angels of death sending home bad news to their mothers, brothers, sons, daughters, and fathers. Don't get me wrong, not everyone has this title, but the people who do are creating a society where I am afraid to be in my own backyard.

For years, there have been good cops and villainous cops. In the ages of Al Capone and probably before then, people were paying off cops to be bad. As time progressed, there were bad cops who had a hand in the illegal businesses in cities and because of the street wars going on in the cities we began to draw out the cops who are afraid for there lives. Because of this fear there are so many issues with properly assessing the situation and lives are lost. Yes, it is a hard job and police are not always respected, but they are supposed to be who we entrust our lives to. Because of a few bad seeds, and only noticed for atrocious behavior.

Police departments, regardless if the murder was right or wrong, do their best to sweep issues under the rug because they are afraid of public outcry during election years. It has sparked a debate within the country because some of these victims have a rap sheet the size of Texas and others don't, some are African America, some are Latino, and some are just children. This doesn't mean that they should be shot and killed, this means that they should be arrested for whatever crime they have committed or left with a warning depending on the situation. It is not just black people that go through this. I want to make myself clear -- it is not just black people. It's all people who look "suspicious".

We lost many lives with the people who play God and are so afraid that they shoot before thinking.

Anthony Nunez, 18, killed July 4

Potentially suicidal teenager found with a gun in his backyard that he fired and grazed his head. He was shot and killed by a handful of police officers.

Alton Sterling, 37, killed July 5

A man with prior rap sheet selling CDs outside of a store. CNN reports he had an illegal gun on his person and the police body cameras were dislodged during the altercation, but many other details are still unclear.

Philando Castile, 33, killed July 6

Man was pulled over for a busted tail light and was attempting to reach for his license and registration when he told police he was having difficulty because his gun was on his waist and he was licensed to carry. During a protest in Castile's hometown, his girlfriend stated that he was shot four to five times in front of her 4-year-old daughter and herself. Video evidence shows police officers pointing a gun at the dying man and not allowing his girlfriend to move. The video also shows the disregard for attempting to stop the bleeding and checking for a pulse. After a few minutes, the girlfriend was arrested and placed of the back seat of a police vehicle with her 4-year-old daughter. Castile was pronounced dead at the hospital.

This is the information we know provided to us by witnesses, police and videotapes. For all we know, these three people could have been attempting to threaten police life, but does it make it OK to be trigger-happy? They play God with people's lives and this is not the first and it will not be the last. There are many ways to approach a situation and regardless of what the victim was or was not doing, they should have a chance at life and defend themselves legally.

On top of all of that, when some police or judicial systems fail, people take matters into their own hands and that is when our cities are plagued with mass shootings and multiple homicides because the shooters angry.

Let's fast forward to a day later during the Dallas protest:

25-year-old Micah Johnson was angry on July 7th because of the murders which had occurred in the past three days. This man took it upon himself to fatally kill five police officers, injure seven police officers and wound two civilians. CNN reports state that he went onto a building to use his sniper rifle during a peaceful protests. ABC News reports state he "wanted to kill officers" and "expressed anger for Black Lives Matter." Johnson was a military man with execution-style weaponry. Five police officers killed and seven police and civilians were wounded. Johnson was killed following a police standoff.

Shetamia Taylor, shot in the leg while protecting family

Brent Thompson, 43, gunned-down police officer.

Michael Krol, 40, gunned-down police officer

Patrick Zamarripa, 32, gunned-down police officer

Lorne Ahrens, 48, gunned-down police officer

Michael Smith, 55, gunned-down police officer

Other victims are unknown at this time.

Last month, 50 people were murdered and 53 were just injured in the Orlando night club shooting. Almost seven months earlier, 14 people were killed and 21 were injured in a holiday party mass shooting says reports from the LA Times. These people played God as they took the lives of innocent people. It's heartbreaking to see that we haven't come to a point in life where this becomes non-existent.

The point I am trying to make here is: we are all people and in order for us to coexist we must respect everyone and the value they hold in our society. The Black Lives Mattermovement is just an amplified version of what civil rights activist have been saying for years. These people are not outspoken because of one too many coincidences but because of unjust killings that have never subsided. Once we became free as people, it began. There was not much published on unjust killings until the Civil Rights Movement and it died down and then the process started over during the LA riots and then died down again. Now, this movement is making the statements come alive again. By saying black lives matter, I'm not saying that yours does not -- what I am saying is a community of people who have been put through racial profiling and gun violence for reasons unexplainable to the masses matters just as everyone else should. By saying we matter, I speak as a part of the community, a community that is exhausted from the death which plagues our homes, streets, cities and world. We are tired of seeing people playing God, we are tired of feeling like we are not safe in our own country, we are tired of hearing that our points are invalid and we are tired of seeing good cops killed while bad cops are let off the hook. We are tired of seeing good Muslims threatened and radical Muslims threatening lives.

Angels of Death, you are inhumane and cruel. This militant stance against police and citizens needs to end because one touch from the angels of death brings our families and nation turmoil.

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