Listen To The Lyrics Instead Of The Beat And You'll Hear Rap Culture Promoting Rape Culture
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Listen To The Lyrics Instead Of The Beat And You'll Hear Rap Culture Promoting Rape Culture

Hey guys, how about we keep opening doors for the ladies?

Listen To The Lyrics Instead Of The Beat And You'll Hear Rap Culture Promoting Rape Culture

I’ve lost a certain respect for this generation... my generation.

There are those few lingering people whose parents have exposed them to the great classic artists. Real meaning, real purpose, music that requires a thorough investigation of lyrics and sound in order to understand the significance of a song. I am so fortunate to have been exposed to these genres as a kid, as it has shaped my personality and views in a drastic way.

That music has taught me something real; things and lessons I can apply to my life when I’m facing a certain obstacle. I am not saying I have any disrespect for rap music or the people who listen to it. Rap music is brilliant. Artists like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jay Z, Eminem, Drake - the list goes on - provides insight on ideas that need light shed upon them.

But recent rap is evolving into something that is rapidly deteriorating the respect my generation should be trying to preserve for each other and ourselves.

I’ll admit to the fact that I have enjoyed the catchy songs that come out, the ones that have virtually no substance but offer a fun beat to get down to at a party. But there comes a point where it has to stop. Have you ever stepped back to think why men (mostly in the college age range) have developed these ideas that women are just flesh and it is normal - and in some cases applauded - to treat women so poorly to the extent that rape is something to laugh at?

Even besides men, I’ll admit something worse.

I, along with a number of my girlfriends feel like this music has even degraded the way we see ourselves. When you hear a song over and over singing, “I don’t open doors for no hoes,” it starts to impact a females view on her worth, maybe they shouldn’t hold the door for me. I have been asked out to dinner once or twice in the past month and have instinctually shut down the proposal with a legitimate fear that there’s a catch at the end when he pays the bill for my $9 mac and cheese. I shame myself for thinking this way, but is it my fault? Or is this mumble rap brainwashing our entire generation to think it’s okay for either a man or a woman to disrespect each other?

What bothers me the most is the girls I see blasting lyrics like, “I f*ck a bitch, I forgot her name, I can't buy a b*tch no wedding ring,” and then standing outside at the Women’s March with a picket sign protesting the fact that men have no respect for women. Has anyone else noticed that these artists call Trump a misogynistic asshole with no respect for women?

I’d say that’s a bit hypocritical considering how these 18-year-old “rappers” are glorifying drugs and sexual abuse, then shitting on our president. Yeah, majority agrees! I do too! Trump is an asshole! You know what might be worse though? The lyrics I hear at parties that go “I feel like I’m 21 savage, I pull up and f*ck on your daughter.” Those words seem to go in one ear and out the other, but they don’t. They linger in the back of our youths’ minds and urge the slight idea that disrespect and sexual assault might just be normal.

Yes, some of the songs are catchy. It’s not that the lyrics are something to be offended by; why waste time being offended by something you know is absolute garbage (amiright?!)? I’m just disgusted by the fact these “artists” are damaging a culture where respect once existed.

I have no right to tell anyone what to listen to. I just want to put this out there and say that I truly believe rap culture is directly promoting rape culture. It is so evident but it seems to be ignored. This isn’t just about the ladies. I feel bad for the guys, to... The good ones who listen to this garbage and feel pressured to follow the lead of their peers who laugh at these demeaning words. I hope someday soon I actually have the balls to go on a date with someone without a defensive wall put up the entire time.

Until then, cheers!

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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