To The Bullies, Stop Hurting Other People

Lately I've witnessed some true nastiness in other people, and it has left me hurt and confused. It's completely baffling to me that people can open their mouths and spew such hatred. Why would someone repeatedly lash out at those closest to them? Why do some people choose to be mean for no reason? Is it really that difficult to be kind?

What I've realized is that people are ugly because they're hurting. It's been said that "hurting people hurt people," and I think that it's true in most cases. Some of the nastiest people are only mean because they themselves are dealing with something personal under the surface.

To the bullies and the people that breed such ugliness, stop hurting other people just to make yourself feel better. Sure, making a joke at someone else's expense might make you feel better about yourself for a moment, but it will not relieve the inner turmoil that you're feeling inside, nor will it heal the wounds you've been trying to mend.

We all have things in life that are difficult to deal with, and we're all hurting in some way or another. But that's no reason to lash out at one another in an attempt to feel better. Instead, it should drive us to support and love one another that much more.

On the days we feel like lashing out and returning evil for evil, instead, we should aim to treat everyone with kindness, knowing that each person is dealing with something that she may or may not be sharing with the world.

And when we encounter people who hurt us, we should remember that, often times, it isn't about us at all, but it is about that person. The meanest people are the ones who are hurting the most, and they're the ones who need the most love.

Together, let's overcome the nastiness and create a culture of kindness.

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