Since the beginning of the Kardashian craze, people have constantly hated on the family for being famous due to the many claims that these women are all famous without any talent. While that's possibly an entirely different argument, considering the effort many of the Kardashian/ Jenner girls have put in to launch their own brands and careers, regardless of how they got their start (the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder), it is clear that nothing the Kardashian family does will ever be worthy of praise from some faithful haters.

Kim Kardashian's attempt to become a lawyer is the most prime example. She shared with her followers that a year ago she had decided to register herself to study and take the BAR exam in California, and she received a huge amount of criticism for attempting to change her image of a dumb socialite to an educated professional.

Why so much hate? The people who are complaining that she needs to "stay in her lane" are the same people who have always complained that she is a talentless celebrity who needs to get a real job. Here she is, trying to get a "real job" and make a difference and people can't stand it.

I'm not trying to say that the Kardashians have always been my favorite family, or that I think the way they got their start and came into fame is really because of their unrecognized talent, but I am not going to ignore how far they've come as individuals in the pursuit of their careers.

Kendall is a successful model.

Kylie has a multi-million dollar makeup brand.

Khloe has a clothing line that aims to include all shapes and sizes.

Kourtney is the executive producer of a TV show.

Kim has a clothing line, mobile app, a beauty line, and now wants to be a lawyer and people complain she has no business being successful?

The family has done more than appear on KUWTK. Did their fame help them to launch these endeavors? Absolutely. Does that mean they can't have big dreams and goals they should be allowed to celebrate accomplishing? Absolutely not.

Plus, if Kim Kardashian can make it through studying for the BAR, you can make it through your finals.