If You're Doing Any Of These 10 Things, You Need To Stop, Like, Yesterday

If You're Doing Any Of These 10 Things, You Need To Stop, Like, Yesterday

Need a New Year's resolution you'll stick to this year? Look no further...


Whether you want to choose a New Year's Resolution or just want to form some new goals as a cheer to the new year, here's a few good starting points that will start your journey to being your best self.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Don't let social media fool you. Instagram only shows the best photos, angles, and lighting. People don't post their failures on LinkedIn. Snapchat filters can be deceiving. Social media can be a positive use of your free time as long as you take every post for what it's worth. Understand that filters, smiles, and editing can be used to create an online profile that is not necessarily true.

2. Stop living on your phone.

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN DURING THE CONCERT (you don't want to hear yourself scream sing anyways. Plus, nobody is actually watching your 3 minutes Snapchat story of the concert.) Leave your phone in the car while visiting your family. Don't go to the beach just to take pictures. Seriously, just don't.

3. Stop being unappreciative.

If you're a college student who ate a meal today, you are already in a better situation than the majority of the world. Always remember that. Remain humble and grateful for every opportunity. Thank your father for all he's taught you. Thank your janitor. Thank your boss. Make sure the people in your life always know that you love and appreciate them.

4. Stop smoking. 

If your grandma doesn't remind you enough, seriously make this a priority. Whether your nicotine of choice is vaping or good ol' fashion cigarettes, this is a great 2019 resolution.

5. Stop prefacing your sentences with "I know this sounds ____, but"

Whether that blank is bitchy, stupid, weird, confusing, or whatever...don't ever discount your feelings in fear that it won't come out like you mean to say it. Refraining from this is a great way to practice speaking with confidence!

6.  Stop complaining

If you haven't already heard this, it's a good one to remember--"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it." Try to keep this in mind during 2019 and maintain a positive attitude...it's contagious!

7. Stop trying so hard to fit in.

Normalcy is a comfort zone. This year, give up caring about follower and like count. Wear and post what you want without your friend's approval. Go to the mall alone and don't worry about what it may look like.

8. Stop living in the past or the future.

Stop harping over past mistakes; they cannot be changed now. At the same time, try not to plan your future so far out (your life usually decides not to take the path you chose anyways). The best way to fight this contradiction is to relic in past memories in a positive way, only plan about a year in the future, and be as present as possible.

9. Stop putting yourself second.

If you do not make yourself a priority, nobody else will. Care for your friends and family, but remember that you can't properly be there for others if you are not in your right head space. Take a day off for yourself and know when to cut tie with toxic people. Be your best advocate.

10. Stop making excuses!

I know we are all guilty of at least one thing on this list, so fix it!

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