If the sleigh bells are ringing, I don't give a shit until December 1st.


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Every year I look forward to Christmas, especially the 23 days (Christmas Eve is huge for my family) leading up to it. It is a sacred time where happiness is in full bloom, the food served is special and festive, and everyone is a little bit kinder. It's special because it happens once a year for a short time, it is something to look forward to.

When I was a kid, my mother always emphasized to me how too much of anything isn't a good thing, even if that good thing comes with sugarplums and Yuletide; too much is too much. Starting Christmas early in November doesn't work the same way as starting a paper early; you're not going to get more out of the holiday season by extending it. You're actually diminishing the excitement and the value of the time; you're beating a dead horse. By the time Christmas comes around you'll be sick of Jingle Bells and gingerbread instead of anticipating it on Christmas morning. Great, have your eggnog for a month, but when it's actually time to cherish tradition you're going to be over it.

Christmas is sacred, yet we don't seem to hold anything sacred anymore.

This overkill of festivity is simply gluttonous and takes away from the actual spirit of Christmas; Christmas is about giving and loving and spending time with your family. Giving thanks and giving love; it is so selfish to indulge yourself beforehand. Also, it's just weird talking about snow and mistletoe while I'm still sipping cider while in a pumpkin patch.

So, take some time to love on your family, gather around, and enjoy a holiday with simplicity before you start all the garland and expectations bullshit. It'll make the season a little bit brighter.

Happy Thanksgiving.