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We Can Definitely Blame Trump For Some Things But We Need To Stop Blaming Trump For EVERYTHING

I don't like to get into politics, but here we go.

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I was sitting in one of my classes today, and my professor mentioned something about a plane crash. She said that the crashes of the Boeing planes had happened due to the government shutdown ordered by Trump. My classmate and I turned to each other with puzzled looks. What plane crashes was she even talking about? We had no clue. How was the government shutdown tied to this? These questions led me to look up more information, and this is what I found out.

Two Boeing 737 Max planes had crashed in the past 6 months, killing up to almost 200 people each. At the site of one of them, evidence showed that gave Trump reason to ground the airplanes. So in reality, Trump was looking for the safety of future passengers.

"Well, his choice to ground the planes is going to drastically affect the airlines, as well as the passengers who had booked flights". Not so fast there. The Boeing 737 Max airplanes only make up a minute amount of the airplanes for American airlines, and following the announcement, they have been diligently rebooking passengers. They have even gone so far as to tell people to not cancel their bookings, as they'll rearrange it all for them.

I was kind of mindblown when I read this. Him grounding the planes had nothing to do with the shutdown, and everything to do with keeping people safe. So here is my message to you: Stop blaming Trump for everything that happens. Stop blaming it on him shutting the government down. Get your facts straight.

In saying this, I cannot deny that the shutdown has obviously caused a lot of drama in people's lives. I had a friend who had to drop out of college because his family wouldn't be able to receive aid for his house that had been destroyed during the hurricanes. Which is obviously not okay, and I'm upset about it.

I believe that everything is engulfed into our political opinions. All of the time. George Washington warned us what was to come if we fell into parties. And here we are, the most divided this country has been. Neither party is right in my eyes, and both just seem too emotionally invested in hating each other to truly think straight.

We need to get away from this automatic hatred. Each person is entitled to their opinion, and you will never understand it unless you step into their shoes.

With fake news everywhere, we must remain skeptical and not take everything people say for face value.

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