Everyone on Social media Always says the same thing, "New Year, New Me," but they never actually do anything. Thus making them the same them they were the previous year. The Saying is worn out now, it has even become a joke to many. Which is understandable given that society's humor has just developed into something no one quite understands.

Regardless, Using the phrase "New Year, New Me" is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It has no real meaning unless you actually do something about it. People say the phrase to be trendy, but in all honesty, no one really cares. So what if you post a picture with the saying as the caption, you will still be the same person if you do not do something to change.

In a way, it is a New Years resolution, and everyone knows that most resolutions never work out, especially for me. The past few years I made many resolutions in which I never honestly stuck to. I entered most years with empty promises to myself, and lying to one's self is not a good thing to do.

Be truthful and not makeup goals that are clearly not going to be attained due to the lack of real motivation. Set smaller personal goals that you know will still change your lifestyle for the better but also with little effort. Start off little, Do not go into this year saying you'll lose weight, say you'll change your eating habits. Most people do not want to put much effort into things, and by changing smaller things you could easily get to your "Ultimate" goal.

However, Saying you'll change yourself every new year seems to be self-deprecating in a way. Wanting to better one's self is not a crime, but wanting to change yourself because it is trendy should not be encouraged.

While it's good to want to change one or many of your toxic habits and forgive others. But in reality, if you truly do not want to change, It will not happen. Stilling to resolutions is a major test of one's will power and I have not met many people who have honestly stuck to theirs.

In a sense, new years resolutions seem to cause more problems than actual solutions to one's problems. Saying "New Year, New Me" will not magically end the argument you were having, or magically poof the weight you want to get rid of away. It does not fix anything.

So this year I am doing it a tad bit different. I plan on being the same person I have always been and try to work on the many toxic traits I have. Maybe eat better, who knows. I want to make more friends, be more outgoing.

Most of all I want to really love myself. I encourage everyone to discard of the saying, "New Year, New Me." And just learn to love your self.