How To Stay Warm And Look Cute At The Same Time
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23 Ways To Stay Warm and Look Cute At The Same Time

Stay warm, but make it fashion.

Maddie Bianchi

I've never been a fan of the cold weather. My motto during the winter is: you can never be too rich or too layered--and when I say 'layered', I'm talking about wearing tons of layers whenever I step foot outside. But dressing warmly doesn't have to look lame. Here's how to keep your warm outfits looking cute:

1. Layers are your friend

It's better to feel hot and have layers to take off instead of feeling cold and not having any layers to put on.

2. Thermal blouses

My winter secret weapon is easily the basic thermal blouse. I have them in so many colors and wear them under whatever I'm wearing whenever I go to hockey games. My favorite brand for these warm babies is Cuddle Duds, which you can find (for a pretty good price) at stores like Target and Macy's.

3. Teddy coats

taken by maddie bianchi

The teddy coat has been one of the most popular trends this season has seen. They're versatile and come in so many different colors. I bought one (for a really good price!) here on Amazon.

4. Oversized hoodies

by lauren siegal

I'm definitely the kind of girl who throws on an oversized hoodie I found on sale at TJ-Maxx with a pair of thigh-high boots when I'm running late for class or too lazy to dress up before going out with friends.

5. Your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) sweatshirt

by Jeffrey Pelayo

Each time I leave my boyfriend's apartment I wind up stealing a different sweatshirt. There's just something so cute about wearing your man's clothes; they're so comfy and, when you're wearing them, it feels like he's right by your side.

6. Invest in a cheap (but warm) jacket you can beat up

I cringe every time I see girls wearing mini-skirts and tiny shirts in the middle of the winter without any jacket. I understand they can get lost and dirty when you go out, but you should buy one or two inexpensive jackets that will keep you warm as you party. If they go missing or if someone spills a drink on them, it's not a big deal because they weren't expensive anyway and you're only wearing them to go out.

7. Put away your ripped jeans

Even though the holes in your jeans may not be big, they're enough to make you cold. Save them for next season, sweetie.

8. High-waisted pants

I'm a HUGE crop-top gal, but I can only wear these types of shirts with high-rise pants because too much of my skin will be exposed. I find that high-waisted jeans keep me super warm because they don't let any cold air in around my waist.

9. Fleece-lined leggings

Sometimes, plain black leggings are the way to go. But these types of pants can be thin, so make sure to buy a pair that's lined with fleece. My favorite pair is from Victoria's Secret, but you can find them for much cheaper at other stores.

10. Onesies

nadine veliotis

If I could wear onesies for the rest of my life, I would. If you're spending a night in with the girls or having a Netflix marathon with bae, lounge in a comfy onesie.

11. Don’t pack away those skirts

taken by me

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't wear a skirt. One of my favorite looks is a skirt with thigh-high boots, which shows a little bit of skin above my thigh but keeps me staying warm in the cold weather.

12. You can still wear dresses!

You can always slay a cute dress by wearing tights underneath. You can also wear long-sleeved shirts or turtle-necks under dresses that don't have sleeves.

13. Cute snow boots

Some snow boots are clunky, but you can definitely find a cute pair that'll keep you warm during your chilly trek around campus. My favorite pair is from Ugg, but you can find other brands at stores like Lord and Taylor.

14. Tight thigh-high boots

taken by lauren siegal

From the middle of October to the beginning of March, you can always find me wearing my favorite pair of black thigh-high boots from Kendall + Kylie. I bought them on sale three seasons ago and they're still my go-to pair of shoes to this day, whether I'm going out or headed to class. Because they're so form-fitting, they keep my legs and feet surprisingly warm.

15. Mocassins

If you're not in the mood for boots, or just want to dress down, you can always throw on a pair of mocassins. I wear the classic Ugg mocassins, but a bunch of other brands make them, too.

16. Fuzzy (thermal) socks

You can pretty much always wear thick socks under whatever you're wearing on your feet (unless they're ridiculously tight).

17. Knee-high and thigh-high socks

Not only do these socks keep your legs warm, but they also look really cute when you wear them under boots so that they peek out.

18. Faux-fur headband

These headbands add such a classy touch to any outfit and keep your ears and face warm at the same time.

19. Pom-pom beanies

Fordham beanie!

selfie taken by me

Whether you're wearing them to the city or to a hockey game, these classic winter hats are so simple yet cute.

20. Earmuffs

These are perfect because they keep your ears warm but make you look so adorable at the same time.

21. Tech-friendly gloves

We're so connected to our devices nowadays that it's a must to own a pair of gloves that has a special material on the tips of the thumb and index fingers so that you can use your phone with ease.

22. Scarves

Wearing a cute scarf is a really easy way to stop a cold breeze from sneaking down your jacket. You can also coordinate your scarf with your outfit for a really stylish look.

23. Wear your hair down (even though this sounds crazy!)

This isn't considered fashion, but it's worth mentioning because, believe it or not, wearing my hair down always make me feel warmer! Wearing your hair up in a bun or even braided tightly exposes your neck, shoulders, and ears to cold air.

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