Stay Home For Them Not You
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Stay Home For Them Not You

A perspective on why it is important to stay inside/shelter-in-place during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Stay Home For Them Not You
Jill Wellington (Pixabay)

Sidenote: The plot of this story and its characters are fictional

"Hi Connor! How have you been?"

"Hey Ana! Your connection is a little bit fuzzy on my end. Is there a problem with your wifi?"

After Ana moved closer to her bed, she got a better wifi signal, and the two college students could talk again over facetime.

"I've been ok. Ever since my college cancelled the rest of the semester, I've been bored here at my parent's house. Due to the lockdown I'm under right now, I can't even go see my high school friends… but it's for Corona so I do get all of the nervousness around it. How about you?" asked Ana.

"I'm bummed to that they canceled the rest of our semester too. Like those online classes are not the best. And actually in my state they haven't had a total lockdown yet like California has" explained Connor.

"Why not?" as Ana.

"It's probably because of there not being that many cases here. That's why some of my high school friends and I are going to this party at the beach today" Connor said.

"What? Connor you shouldn't be doing that, you could get Corona!"

"Ana, Corona is literally only a little stronger than the flu. That's it"

"Connor literally it's a lot stronger than the flu. It has a higher lethal rate!"

"Ana, don't worry about it. If I get Corona, I get Corona"

"Connor, what the literal-"

"Hey, I don't see the big deal about it. Plus doesn't it affect old people anyway?"

"No, actually a lot of young people are getting it to, and they don't even have any symptoms"

"Of course people do. If you have it, you would know it" Connor replied.

"No, you wouldn't. Literally the symptoms of Corona are the same symptoms of the flu, such as loss of taste and smell. Or they just don't even show up at all. And actually more young people are going to the hospitals right now for this disease. It's scary, please don't go to this party" Ana pleaded.

"It's only one party" Connor said.

"And you're risking the health of those around you if you go" Ana added.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that if you go to the party, and you come back home after, you are going to risk getting your parents, brothers, and sisters exposed to the virus. If you don't want to do this for them, do it for you, please. This virus is really scary, with people literally starting to stock up on toilet paper and food, it borderline feels like the end of the world. So please, don't go to the party. Don't go for me" Ana said.

"Alright, I won't go" Connor said.

After their 1 hour conversation, Connor packed up his beach bag, and went to the beach to join his friends at the party.

Day After The Beach Party:

"Hi grandma, how are you?" Connor asked. He grasps her hand, and hugs her.

"I'm doing well grandson, what have you been up to?"

"I've just been hanging out with friends and…"

The conversation continued as the Coronavirus from Connor makes its first landing on the grandmother's hand. She reached up to her face to rub the eyelash out of her eye.

For Further Reading

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Dylan Scott "The Covid-19 risks for different age groups, explained"

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