Finally, we have reached the end of the line. Yes, I did write over 2,000 words on what pyramid schemes are, why people join them, and how to help someone that is stuck in one of these things. But I feel it is important to educate people on why these schemes should be avoided in order to help people see the signs in the future and avoid any situation before it gets too bad.

How do you reach out to someone that is selling for one of these businesses? How do you even know if one of your friends is even stuck in one of these? Well, the first sign is that they will definitely be marketing all of their products on all of their social media. Their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and possibly even their Snapchat is going to be filled with the products that they want to sell to you. The keto coffee, the leggings, the makeup, the essentials oils and more will be displayed on their pages.

If you're not close with the person, it is probably not the best to approach them about this because they are going to immediately get defensive about the entire situation. Just start a casual conservation about the things that they are selling, understand why they are trying to sell the products and maybe don't bring up the negatives during the first time.

Over the course of the next few weeks, try to continue to talk to the person about their marketing and what they have to spend in order to buy the products that they then have to sell. In time, hopefully, the person will start to realize what they are doing is not going to work out for them and in the long run is going to drain their bank account and may even ruin their social life if all they are going to do is push their products on their social media.

This issue is strangely important to me because I feel like these companies target women and think that they are gullible and are going to push their products through barely paying their "employees" or consultants as they call them. A couple of people I know sell products for these companies and it frustrates me that they do not see that they are being taken full advantage of.

They think that they are being their own boss and starting their own business and eventually they are going to become the CEO of the company or just get a raise if they recruit enough people. That is not going to happen - but nobody that sells for these companies is going to tell you that it isn't working for them - because if they recruit you - that may change for them. Before you start selling for online companies, do your own research, gather some data, and make your own opinions about whether or not the company that wants to recruit you is actually going to fully work out for you in the long run.