State of the (College Football) Union
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State of the (College Football) Union

With the year's first unveiling of the NCAA Football Playoff Committee Top 25 rankings having been released this past week, now is a good time to take a look at what's going on at the top.

State of the (College Football) Union

The first College Football Playoff rankings of the year were released last Tuesday and have already been shaken up by the results from this past Saturday, so I think it's about that time to get out a few thoughts about what's going on toward the top of the list.

Prior to the rankings, many described the grouping of the best teams in the country as "Alabama, and then everyone else," and I shared that opinion. But Saturday they almost tumbled in Baton Rouge. It was a tight contest for a while but the Tide were finally able to get some breathing room against LSU. Granted, it was away against the #13 team in the country. They still deserve to be #1, but maybe it isn't as clear-cut as everyone once thought.

Moving down the list, there isn't much to say about Michigan because they continue to kill everybody. That defense is very good, but their offense seems a bit vanilla at times, which makes me wonder what would happen if they went up against another very good defensive team like Alabama. Clemson also won huge this weekend against a much lesser opponent, though Deshaun Watson suffered a shoulder injury. It isn't reported to be that serious so hopefully for their sake he can continue to play as they are firmly in the driver's seat to go to the ACC Championship and take a playoff spot.

Washington is probably the team in the top five that everyone knows the least about, but they certainly looked the part in the night cap game on Saturday. They continue to roll, and Jake Browning is a legitimate Heisman contender.

As for Texas A&M, they didn't fare as well as any of the aforementioned squads. Them coming in at fourth in the initial rankings raised quite a few eyebrows, mine included, and this weekend we saw just why. A&M caught the upset bug from a less-than-stellar Mississippi State this weekend, and that slip-up will all but put an end to the Aggies' playoff hopes. It's likely Washington moves into that slot.

Just outside the top five, Ohio State flattened Nebraska, who held the tenth spot, though you wouldn't know that by watching the game. They'll probably move up to #5 due to the A&M loss. Likewise, Louisville bested Boston College 54-7 as Lamar Jackson continues to run away with the Heisman trophy. I'd expect them to jump to #6.

#8 Wisconsin also pulled out a victory, and although it wasn't in terribly convincing fashion, I highly doubt it would hurt them.

The Auburn game was interesting for a while as it looked for a while that Vanderbilt had an upset on their minds, but the Tigers were ultimately able to squeak it out. I'm expecting A&M to fall out of the top 15, past each of these teams, so everyone in the top 10 ranked below A&M should move up one spot.

Outside the top 10, #11 Florida couldn't get it done on the road in Arkansas, and they will slip. Penn State rolled Iowa this weekend and will likely sneak into the top ten, which is exciting for me as a Penn State football fan because it appears that the program is definitely trending upwards, finally.

After that comes LSU, and they are likely done in the playoff hunt as they now have three losses. Oklahoma and Colorado both picked up the win this week as well, and that should keep them standing pact for this week's rankings.

Overall, I don't see a huge amount of shakeup coming in this week's rankings as there wasn't a whole lot of drama outside of Florida and Texas A&M losing. But of course, November is here, and this time of the year is where things get interesting, so as always, it would be wise to stay tuned as there will certainly be drama on and off the field as the committee continues the ranking process through the end of the year.

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