12 Stages Of Taking A Summer Class

Oh, summer classes. The lovely short-session courses that take place in the summer months and are supposedly more easy than regular session classes because "you just can't fit all that material into that short of a time." You're either here because you're trying to get ahead, struggling to graduate on time, or you failed the class the first time around and you're re-taking it for a higher grade. For whatever reason, you've resigned yourself to taking classes when you should be laying on the beach or sleeping until noon everyday. There are a few feelings summer classes bring forth that are common to everyone stuck in a cold, windowless classroom on a beautiful sunny-and-75 day.

1. Looking at your plan of study and realizing you may have to take classes outside of spring and fall, and hating yourself for it.

2. Picking a time that will still allow you to have a little bit of fun this summer.

3. Realizing you'll be sitting in a class room four or five days a week, for hours at a time.

4. Seeing all your friends go on fun adventures without you.

5. Showing up on the first day, and thinking it might not be so bad after all.

6. Leaving after the first day, and realizing this is going to be the longest few weeks of your life.

7. Allowing the course's content to completely take over your life.

8. Realizing you'll probably become close friends with the few people in your class, because you're all stuck in the same room together for several hours every week.

9. Thinking about what you could be doing instead of sitting in class.

10. Taking your first test, and not doing as well as you thought you would, because it's kind of hard to pack that much information into such a small time period.

11. Wanting to kill everyone who told you it would be easy or that they loved summer classes.

12. Passing the class at the end of the semester, and feeling like a champ.

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