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Acquaintances To BFFFFFs: The 10 Stages Of Friendship

Are you a four or a seven or maybe even a ten?

Acquaintances To BFFFFFs: The 10 Stages Of Friendship

Friends. The family you get to choose and then sometimes wonder why in the world you chose them of all people.

Friends support you continuously throughout your life, but what is a "friend" to begin with? Is it that one human who you just met and can tolerate, or is it that other human you willingly live with and you occasionally share your nuggets with (the highest of honors, obviously)?

Well, I'm here to answer that question! As unqualified as I am in other aspects of my life, like true adulting or staring contests, I do possess a friend or two. Therefore, I'm more than confident that this is the definitive scale for establishing the level of friendship between two people, hands down.

1. The first interaction


Whether done through a mutual friend, a class project, or work, the first time you and a person interact is the first stage of friendship. You exchange names and possibly majors and where you went to high school. You then promptly forget everything about them except maybe their name.

In my experience, these first meetings are always super awkward and quite forced. However, I'm just an awkward person to begin with, so that may be coloring my experience a bit.

2. First "friendly" interaction


Somewhere in the course of your acquaintance-ship, you and the person will find something in common. Excuse me, you're a history buff too? Wait, I love the All American Rejects too!

Comments like these are usually accompanied by the comrade point, seen above.

3. At least one form of outside contact is established


I know everyone is just handing out their Snapcodes all willy-nilly these days, but back in my day, giving someone a way to contact you is a level of friendship that you have to reach. This is you telling the other person that you would possibly like to talk to them outside of the specific context you met them.

Exchanging numbers, Snapchats, or even friending them on Facebook all apply. They signal you may be willing to possibly open up. At least, open up through technology.

4. See them in the outside world


Seeing a classmate outside of class or co-worker outside of work is an accidental inevitability. Most likely, you're going to look like trash eating a really messy burger. They startle you, and somehow you make it through the conversation by referencing one of your previously established commonalities.

Eventually, however, you arrange to meet them in the outside world on purpose. Whether it's studying for both your midterms or getting coffee after work, you intentionally spend an extended period of time with this person.

5. Bring them to meet the posse


Much like bringing a significant other home to meet your parents, your new friend has to meet the other most important people in your life aka your other friends. Well-established and surly, these friends have already made it to level 10 friendship and are now definitive factors in deciding who else is allowed in the friend group.

This is a scary time, both for the friend and for you. It'll be okay, though. Remember, if it's meant to be, it'll be (baby, just let it be).

6. The "you owe me" system is in place


We've all been there: you go for a late-night nugs run with the group, and you find that you only have $2.65 in your bank account. Sadness knows no bounds.

It's cool, though, because your friend got 'chu, just get the next round when your direct deposit hits.

This is when you know you've officially cleared the halfway point on the friendship scale.

7. Midnight calls are made (and received)


This is the moment where you stumble upon a hilarious meme, you're having a slight mental breakdown, or you remember seeing a squirrel do something funny on campus, but it happens to be a ridiculously late time.

Not to worry, because your friend will either be awake or at least completely understand the tears of joy and/or sadness you're throwing their way after midnight. They'll also know that it's completely acceptable to return the favor, if and when it's ever needed.

8. Outsiders think you're dating


People will often assume you and your friend are in an incredibly committed relationship.

Honestly, why wouldn't they, though? You two are endlessly complimenting each other ("Look at ma boo! They're werkin' those leggings!"), insulting each other ("You haven't showered in three days? You smell like a wet dog in a sewer."), referencing old arguments ("This is just like that time with the chicken pan."), and talking about each other when around other people (". . .and this is a picture of the two of us white water rafting. . .").

You two also PDA just as much as a true couple does.

9. They're an emergency contact


Whether it's a small emergency, like not having a wine opener, or an actual emergency, like a broken limb or a dead car, your friend will be immediately contacted. They're a more adult-y adult than you are (at least, that's how you process it in your panicked state).

Thankfully, they're usually able to help you, or at least panic with you before you call an actual adult.

10. You're a part of each other's life events


Weddings, births, funerals, you're a part of it all. Heck, you're in each other's wedding parties, the godparent of each other's children, and deliverer of each other's eulogy.

You've earned the right in each other's lives, hands down.

Friends are a magical part of life. Whether it's a level one or a level ten type of relationship, friends are what make this world a wonderful, sunshine-y place. Now you'll never have to eat your nugs alone.

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