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7 Ways You're An Adult, But Not Quite THE Adult

This whole "be an adult" thing is overrated.

7 Ways You're An Adult, But Not Quite THE Adult

Adulthood. A magical, mystical concept of being an adult.

If that definition sounds vague, it's because it is. I'm not exactly sure what being an adult means. I'm in this weird age range called "college" that's past the kid-ish days of high school but not quite in the ultra-responsible age-range of true adulthood.

Yes, I can vote and buy alcohol legally. However, some days I need a Wikihow on how to tie my shoes by myself.

So, how do you know that you're an adult, but not the adultiest adult possible? Doing extensive research on myself and my personal semi-adult journey, I believe I've found the answer. In fact, I've found seven.

1. You go to Hobby Lobby to participate in "home decor" . . . but end up running around, touching everything because your parents aren't there to stop you


I'm a big believer in making a house into a home. Usually that comes with personalized throw pillows and strategically-placed wall art, which are found in abundance at Hobby Lobby.

Having my first apartment this year, my roommates and I were very gun-ho to plan out mature color schemes for each and every room, and then go to Hobby Lobby to create said visions in an affordable way.

However, all we actually did was run around, pick up random crystal dolphins and colored Mason jars, and giggle that we could do so without a parental figure yelling, "You break it, you buy it!"

2. Successfully meal prepping for the week . . . but then eating a piece of pie at 3am


Meal prep is a real activity that adulty-adults do, and I always feel really accomplished after I do so. Something about making five complete, mostly healthy meals at once is pretty empowering.

So, does it really matter that I finish meal prep at 3am and eat a celebratory piece of pie before going to sleep? Only for adults who are adultier than I am.

3. Wanting to go to sleep at 9pm . . . but finding that other random activities keep you up until the crack of dawn.


Though I'm in college, there have been opportunities for me to sleep at a decently early time. I've somehow finished my homework, there aren't any more pressing concerns for life at the moment, and it's miraculously only 9pm.

However, there are also friends to chat up, memes to laugh at, Netflix to binge, and literally all the food to eat. By the time I've finished doing all that, it's 3am, when I normally go to sleep.

Better luck tomorrow, I suppose.

4. Knowing how to check the oil in your car . . . but calling your parents every time it makes a weird noise.


Even for the mechanically illiterate, like myself, checking the oil on a car is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes, there are even pictures directing you to where the dipstick is.

That is essentially where my automotive knowledge stops. If any dashboard light comes on besides the gas light, I'm shooting my parents a SOS call because what little adult reason I possessed has left me. Only pure panic remains, and I need the adultiest adult I can.

5. Creating a comprehensive budget . . . but still doing bi-weekly nugs runs


I've recently decided that, in my fourth year of college, now is a beautiful time to create a budget for myself. Not just any budget either. I factored in last year's spending and figured out how much I could put into savings based on my monthly income.

So, naturally, I also budgeted in emergency McDonald's runs.

Weekly McDonald's runs.

For my mental stability.

6. Sympathizing with the parents in Disney movies . . . while having an extensive Disney movie marathon


Ah, Disney movies. The light and life of childhoods. As a youngster, it's easy to identify with the rebellious spirit of Cinderella and the way Ariel sasses her dad. In fact, I almost cheered them on.

However, the older I get, the more I think, "Sheesh, Cindy, midnight is waaaaaaay too late for those heels. And Ariel, you are 16 and most certainly still a child. Sit down and be humble."

Doesn't matter if I'm shouting this while in Disney Princess PJ pants. I'm still right.

7. Setting up your own appointments . . . but being scared to talk to any of them on the phone


As an adult human, I've made plenty of my own doctors appointments, official work meetings, and numerous engagements with other humans present. While interacting with people in general used to be a weak spot for me, especially in this sort of professional setting, I've gotten better the adultier I've become.

That all goes out the window when I have to talk on the phone. Not a fan, nor will I ever be a fan.

That's the process of adulting, but not completely adulting, as I see it. Will I ever become THE adult? Only time and more responsibility will tell!

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