The Many Stages Of Moving In Together

The Many Stages Of Moving In Together

I do not regret our decision for even a second, because it has made our season of engagement a time of love, romance, surprise and maybe even a little bit of madness.


At first, it's so simple. Sweet, gentle nights together, laying in bed doing nothing at all, etc. They honeymoon phase is REAL y'all.

He makes you laugh over stupid shit, and alas you feel like you have finally found the person to whom your soul belongs.

Or when you have a nightmare or hear one of those leery noises in the middle of the night, and you realize how awesome it is to always have someone in your corner (literally).

And you start to wonder why you guys didn't move in together sooner

But then, your significant other (amidst all the rainbows and unicorns of romantic bliss) has the audacity to invite someone over when the house is a mess.

And he thinks that this isn't a problem

But one of the biggest transitions is probably sharing a bathroom. ONE OF THE TRUEST TESTS OF LOVE AND PATIENCE.

But as far as transitions go, nothing could have prepared me for all of the new and unusual smells that a man has in the privacy of his own home

The first time he poops in front of you is truly a sick experience

Or that one time when you fight over how to defrost chicken. We might both be right, but you're supposed to let me win all the arguments, remember?

He does something stupid, so naturally, you resort to wine

When you accidentally drink too much and he so graciously cares for you throughout the night

But nothing compares to getting wine drunk with your S.O.

Back in the day, you'd always try to get cute before he got home

But at this point, he's lucky if you washed your hair

When you get into an argument and one of you automatically remembers everything that the other person has done wrong in the last x years you have been together

When he criticizes your decision-making skills

Checking to see if he is actually going to put the toilet seat DOWN this time

When he politely mentions one thing that you did wrong

When he loves you through your crazy

When he tells you that he's "going out"

And sometimes, you just have to remind him how blessed he really is

There is really no excuse for walking on our clean hard wood floors in your muddy work shoes. NO EXCUSE.

I imagine my fiancé says this at least once a week

And sometimes, cooking together turns into a complete disaster

The realization that somebody HAS to apologize first

When he makes couple plans for you two with a couple you really don't like

When you eat the last of his favorite cereal

When he eats the last of your favorite cereal

When he calls you out for the first time

When he puts the toilet paper on the wrong way

When he gets too comfortable

When he forgets to pick up something from the store

When you try to watch one of his "shows"

When he makes the effort to watch one of your "shows"

So you guys result to scrolling through Netflix "suggestions" for another three hours

Even though you may disagree and have problems, you still spend about 95% of your time doing weird stuff like this together

Or being super cheesy like this

Because sometimes this is all you need after a long day

And you soon learn that there are many ways to say "I love you"

But eventually, you learn the most important lesson of all

Moving in shortly after getting engaged was exhilarating, entertaining, full of fun and most of all, full of surprises. We had many family members warn us of the dangers of living together before marriage, all of which we took into consideration, which led to our final decision of waiting until engagement, before making that final move.

I do not regret our decision for even a second, because it has made our season of engagement a time of love, romance, surprise and maybe even a little bit of madness. Above all, it has allowed us to get to know each other in ways we never knew were possible, and that has been the biggest blessing of all.

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