I'm sure that all college students have similar experiences this time of year. Finals week is the hardest part of the semester, and here we are.

Stage 1: I got this.

Stage 2: Denial.

"Have you started studying?"

"Did you write your final paper?"

"Ready for that presentation?"

Come on, chill! It's the last week of classes for the year!

Stage 3: Realization.

You make your schedule and realize that May is, in fact, this week. It is finals week. You have about seven different finals to take.

Stage 4: Cranking it out.

For example, it's currently midnight as I'm writing this. I am on my second bottle of pop and coffee. My dinner included chips and iced animal cookies. My bags are not designer, but three inches below my eyes.

Stage 5: Contemplation.

Is college really worth it? Do I even like my major? Do I really belong here? Should I have that fifth coffee? Shower or study? Is sleep necessary? How much money do strippers make, again?

Stage 6: It's Summertime.

I don't care if I failed. I didn't but even if I did, I don't care. I'm getting my tan on, my bank account up, and free food from the family. See ya in the fall, WVU.