7 Reasons College Girls Should Never Fall For The Hype Of Spring Semester

We're all back from break. We just feasted for a little over a month and spent tons of time with our families.

We celebrated, ate, celebrated, and ate some more.

The weather is the coldest it's been all year, and wait, we have to go back to school. Heading back to school at the end of January is one of the most dreadful and annoying times in my life.

There are many reasons why Spring Semester actually sucks.

1. It is so damn cold

Walking to class is horrible. We bundle up in sweatshirts and coats just to sit for 75 minutes, to go back in the freezing cold

2. Forget about having cute outfits

During the fall semester, I put so much time and effort into my outfits and feeling all cute with my hair and makeup. Now, I don't care. I look like a polar bear...My eyes are the only thing that shows

3. Driving to school actually sucks

Having to leave my bed in the cold and dodge ice every five seconds is not fun. Not to mention driving to class in the snow when the school doesn't cancel class

4. No motivation to get work done

I gave it my absolute all during the fall semester, and now, I have nothing left to give. I feel like I am handing in assignments just to hand them in

5. We're all counting down the days until warm weather

My only focus during the months of January, February and March is when it's not going to be -5 degrees outside

6. Our bodies are puffy

All those Christmas cookies tasted amazing...But now we're scared thinking about our beach bodies

7. It seems like all we do is work, work, work

We are recovering from all of the holiday spending...Gotta save up money for spring break and all our summer plans

Now we know Spring Break is shortly coming, who knows if the temperature will even reach 50 degrees.

Happy spring semester!!!

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