Snow is melting and spring is finally starting to show its colors. The temperature is slowly creeping up, the sun is shining and I couldn't be more excited to get to cleaning. This winter has seemed endless and being inside all the time is starting to get really old.

I'm ready to clean. I'm ready to shed the seasonal depression and smile again. My room has started to feel stuffy and packed and I want it to feel open again. I'm excited to switch my clothes out, put blankets away and lighten my bed up. I can't wait to feel like I can breathe again.

I know last spring I wrote about how I don't believe in spring cleaning, but this year is different. I fell on ice at work the beginning of 2019 and now I have a compression fracture in my spine. Shortly after that fall, my boss let me go through text message.

This injury is taking a long time to heal and I've been so restricted because of it. I feel sad and angry a lot of the time about what happened because none of it was fair. So much of winter has been awful for me, and I'm so ready to transition into spring and feel good again.

I've already gone over in my head the things I want to do and change. What I want to throw out, move around and put away. I can't wait to get started because I know how good I'm going to feel once it's done.

I'm excited for that feeling of accomplishment and relief.

I also feel like once I start, I'm going to feel productive. I'm going to want to keep going and do stuff again. I'll finally be able to sit down and write more, finish that book I started and take another class online. In turn, that happy feeling that I've been missing will stay there.

There's so much stress that comes with winter and the build-up to spring and summer. I want that gone. I want to go in my room and feel comfortable, not stare at everything that needs to be changed and cleaned. I can't wait for that stress to be lifted off my shoulders allowing me to finally relax.

I'm ready to get rid of the old and start fresh with something new.

What is your favorite part about spring cleaning? How does it make you feel?