Being A Millennial Sucks During Spring Break

Being A Millennial Sucks During Spring Break

"It's all fun and games til you realize you're broke."

Spring Break, the mediocre relaxation third best behind summer and winter break. Spring break in college is the worst time for a lot of people, or the best time for people like me who already dread this semester and want it to end and need a desperate break from your college problems. But being a millennial during spring break freakin' sucks. Don't believe me? Let's look at reasons why it does:

1. You're probably broke.

Let's be real here, you're probably pretty broke and your bank account is looking at a good $1.75 at least. And let's be real here, you're probably not getting paid anytime soon during the break anyways. So save that $1.75, it could probably buy you a shitty cup of coffee while you stress out over the week.

2. Your friends are probably broke.

Or we can also be real here too, your friends are probably too broke to do anything either. So hanging out at the usual hangout is your only go to plan you can do while you're ballin' on a budget.

3. Everyone is out on vacation but you.

Literally, the worst of this is the "show-offy" kids who get to go on crazy exotic locations who overly post about their trip on Instagram. Whether it's flooding their IG stories with their vacation like a bootleg Insta-Vlogger or posting all the food they're trying out on vacation, these are the kind of kids who take 1000 photos while they're out on the West Coast or in Europe and discretely try to post their remaining pics on Instagram little by little, with captions labeled "Take me back" with a #tbt hashtag. Making you feel jealous for not planning a trip for yourself, or jealous that you can't experience that "nice" beach air and obtain that "wonderful" tan.

4. Your friends suck at planning.

This is a problem that I even have, our friends just really suck at planning stuff. You might be on the same boat, having friends exclaimed that they want to have fun and do something big for spring break but they all just suck at making the initial plans. Now you're stuck making the plans and figuring stuff out while your friends forget in the meantime.

5. You're probably busy studying for midterms.

This is a reminder that you should study, you don't even need an explanation for this point. Why the hell are you still reading this? GO STUDY, YOU HAVE AN EXAM TO WORRY ABOUT.

6. You're probably backed up on schoolwork.

ANOTHER REMINDER. Go do your work, you're probably procrastinating during your spring break reading this, STOP. GO DO YOUR WORK. Anyways, this becomes a big pain in the ass during spring break. The benefit is that spring break gives you the chance to finish or actually start your assignments or have a big advantage of starting early if you're a syllabus prophet and do everything by the book. The con is that your friend Sarah is still out on vacation in France enjoying crepes while you're home backed up on your work from the 15-18 credits you decided to tackle on this semester.

7. Your friends are probably busy with school or other s#!7.

This is the unfortunate problem with spring break sometimes, maybe your friends go to different schools and they're not on break yet or maybe your friends are busy with work. Or maybe your friends are depressed to do anything, it's always something going on.

8. Work sucks.

Imagine thinking you got the whole week for yourself, but then your boss texts you asking you to work half the week or maybe even the whole week... And you still haven't finished your backed up assignments and you still have an exam to worry about. Have fun sitting through that nice 12 hour shift with that in mind.

9. You're probably depressed.

Honestly, it happens. You're probably going through the motions of this semester and it's kinda stressing you out big time. But don't worry the semester is almost over and you got a whole week with a special someone, you. Go hang out with yourself, see what you got to offer you.

10. You actually sat here and read this.

That's a joke, but hey- you should really catch up on your work, and enjoy yourself a little!

Okay so maybe Spring Break isn't soooo bad. But it could be worse, so cheers to a week off and let's hope the rest of the semester doesn't kill ya!

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