Whenever spring rolls around, I'm always excited because the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, but that's about it. If I'm not outside enjoying the sunny day, then I'm probably taking shelter indoors, not because I don't want to go outside, but because I have spring allergies. Yeah, it's a real struggle out here.

The cherry blossoms bloom around campus every spring, but I don't want to risk my nose itching, my eyes watering, and me sneezing uncontrollably. My mom tells me to take Claritin, and I do, but it doesn't work. My plan B is to carry 10 packs of tissues with me and hope for the best. The thing about my allergies is that I could be fine one minute and then I could be sneezing like there's no tomorrow the next minute. I'm sure at least one person out there can relate. Right?

The worst thing about having allergies is that it doesn't just happen outdoors, but indoors, as well. Half the time I'm holding back from sneezing so the person next to me doesn't think that I'm sick or that I'm trying to get them sick. My allergies also leave my eyes red and puffy, so basically it looks like I just finished crying. I hate looking people in the eye whenever that happens because they usually ask me if I'm okay (which I'm not) so they assume that I was crying.

During the summer, for some reason, I get allergies only during the night time around 10 PM (it's happened so many times that I even know exactly when my allergies begin) and even my parents fear me at that point because it's that bad.

Spring is already here, and I'm anticipating the worst. As of right now, I've been able to keep my allergies under control. I wash my face every time I come back from class to make sure that there's no excess pollen on me. I also have my stash of Kleenex tissue packets in my drawers and stacks of tissue boxes in my closet, so I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

So for all of those who don't have allergies, lucky you.