Spooky Season Then and Now
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Spooky Season Then and Now

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Do you remember when you were twelve years old and ABC Family announced its thirteen nights of Halloween or Disney Channel was coming up with new Halloween movies? Oh, the old days. Let's fast forward to now, there is no such thing as Halloween, it is Halloweekend.

Spooky season the entire month of October celebrating the enjoyment of Halloween with movies, candy, carved pumpkins, and costumes. First let's go back in time when we were ten to twelve years old when new Disney movies were coming out and the wait to show off new costumes at school had you anxious.

Halloween as a child

I remember it was fifth grade and the entire classroom was decorated with Halloween spirit and when the day came for our costumes all the students were excited to show it off and take pictures. After school was the most exciting part of the day because no homework was assigned and everyone was anxious to go trick-o-treating with friends at night. Trick-o-treating was the best part of Halloween because the thought of collecting so much candy with a pumpkin basket is exciting. Although everyone HAD TO KNOW what neighborhoods to get the best and most candy.

Scary Mommy

Candy Gift Baskets

That does not exclude the fact that Halloween movies were on all the time. Disney Channel and ABC Family were the channels that played the best movies.

Disney Channel had the BEST Halloween movies

Disney Channel's Halloweentown 1,2, and 3 was at its peak. Halloweentown was about three kids who live in the States with their mother, but has no clue that their grandmother is a witch and comes from a whole other town that humans do not know about.

HalloweentownRefinery 29

Everyone knew not to mess with Twitches. Twiches is about two sisters who were separated at birth due to a darkness that was after them. Twenty years later, the twins reunited on their birthday and discovered that they both had powers. Throughout the entire movie, the twin sisters attempt to adjust living with their powers and battle up against the darkness to save their mother.


One of the perks of the old Disney Channel is within their commercials they included both the time and date of the upcoming Halloween movies. Halloween itself in middle school was so pure, the only problem in life was finding the best costume and having the most candy out of all your friends.


This is now. This is how Halloween goes down at an older age. In college, Halloween is not about the candy or costumes (probably does not apply to everyone) it is about that upcoming house or club party. According to Urban Dictionary, Halloweekend is defined as "the weekend before Halloween starting on Thursday to Saturday." Parties usually happens all weekend long and people wear different costumes on each night.

Halloween Party

This is a huge change to how everyone celebrated Halloween as a child because the costumes have big alterations and the anxiousness for trick-o-treating is not as exciting as it was before. For example, costumes becomes a competition of who is sexier rather than what hero is the coolest. I remember when I was 10, I wanted to dress up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast because all of my friends were going to be princesses as well. Buying my costume from the Disney store with all the accessories such as the tiara, little heels, and possibly a wand was so amazing. Now that I am in college, the excitement is not there anymore because my purpose for the costume is to look good for pictures and be comfortable when I go to the party.

For others, costumes can be creative such as making your costumes or dressing up as food. The most common costumes that a lot of people wear are the hotdog or dinosaur and it is so funny to watch them dance to music. Dressing up altogether as a group can make it more fun as well.

Knowing what parties to go to is significant because if you go to a party with a lame DJ then Halloweekend will result as boring. The key to a good party is having good food, music to actually dance to, and going with a fun group of friends. Overall a party with all those characteristics and having a good time with your costumes and friends is what Halloweekend is all about.

Happy Halloween!!

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