Spontaneity Doesn't Equal Careless
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Spontaneity Doesn't Equal Careless

Sometimes the routine needs to be broken in order to prevent everything becoming monotonous

Spontaneity Doesn't Equal Careless
Faryal Mirza

I have always been someone that often gets bored easily. Now this does not mean that I cannot focus on a conversation or don’t want to be around the same people for long periods of time. Instead what I mean is that I often want spontaneity in my life. I want to explore and have adventures. I want to have stories to tell later on in life. I want to know that if there was something out there I wanted to do, I did it. Overtime I have realized that a main objective of mine is to always be ready for anything, as well as accept whatever opportunity comes my way.

I have never been the greatest at staying in one place for too long, and that may be because of the way I grew up. I was the typical third culture kid; my nationality is not where I primarily grew up and I am ethnically from a place I never lived. For the first half of my life I moved house and schools often. While the second half of my life I was in the same house and school, but there was a constant influx of new faces. I attended and American school abroad and therefore my class was constantly half new students, being new was the norm. Due to this I appreciated the new for I never wanted things to feel boring or mundane for too long. Most of my decisions involve around ten minutes of thinking, because spur of the moment ideas end up being some of the most noteworthy plans.

Many of my favorite memories were spur of moment decisions, no planning needed. This doesn’t mean that someone says let’s go rob a bank and I jump on board. I mean jumping in a car and just driving, and deciding to go to a party ten minutes before the bus leaves. Planning a trip and buying the tickets within 24 hours, and dying your hair an unnatural colour because you just feel like it. All the above are things I have done and would repeat time and time again. The reason is simple, because if I had not I probably would be sitting asking myself the dreadful question ‘what if?’ This a question I never want to ask, personally I do not think anyone should be in the position where they ask themselves this.

Spontaneity sometimes is looked as impulsive, and therefore careless. However, aren’t stories what we want at the end of the day? Don’t we want there to be adventures to remember when we can no longer have them? Aren’t the careless times sometimes the most fun? Change in a routine can have you realize what you were missing out on. It can show you that there is more out there then what you always thought. So the next time someone wants to go on a drive and invites you last minute or someone says “we should really do this trip”; say “yes”. Thinking about all the pros and cons, creating a list of all the possible items you could do with that time instead are not worth thinking about. Sometimes it is okay to just say yes to the last minute. Of course there are reasons to always say no, but there are also reasons to just go for it. Who knows you may get one hell of a story out of it, and who couldn’t use more of those?

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