You Are Eternal
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You Are Eternal

Part III of my III part poem.

You Are Eternal

I must bask in my emotions, all the sensations, the glory, and the wretchedness that they bring.

The earth longs for balance and that includes feeling pain.

Because feeling pain allows more love and light to come in.

We are warped in a time-driven society but life is timeless.

My body may be aging and one day my bones will be weak and I can either live in love or live in fear.

Our time with this body is limited.

But life is timeless.

A cherry pie shall do the trick.

It shall save you from the suffering right?

There is no way to fully take away suffering.

But sometimes we can decide how much we suffer.

The suffering won't end from eating a piece of the cherry pie.

Our egos naturally block eternal love.

But our souls will continue to ache for it.

It's about training our egos to align with our souls.

It's eating the cherry pie and not craving more.

It's letting go because your love with a person isn't such a pure love anymore.

Letting go is a less gratifying form of love.

It leaves you with quite a torturous cut.

There will be visible blood.

It's standing on a stage when the crowd has gone.

And you put your ear to the floor of the stage.

And you bask in the silence.

You notice the glare of the stage floor.

Remembering how it feels to open and close your eyelids.

You feel every pit of pain and every pit of joy at the same time and you realize that they are indeed one.

You find peace in that and it's the purest form of love you've ever felt because peace within is the purest form of love that exists.

You realize every other love you've ever felt, every other love you've ever experienced, every other love you've ever searched for, and every form of self-hatred that has ever entered your train of thought are all lies.

Lie, in the sense of it not being what you thought it was.

And learning that what you were chasing wasn't love.

You were living in fear and everything you did came from fear.

Knowing your soul is the love that you seek.

Following the soul is eternal love.

My feet hit the ground, I felt my soul, and nothing else would ever compare.

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