Spending the Weekend In
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Spending the Weekend In

Just a few things you can do this weekend!

Spending the Weekend In
Road and Co

We all know that deep fear: having nothing to do during the weekend. Maybe you're not the type to go out and party during the weekends or maybe you just want to shake it up a little. Regardless of the reasoning, you need something to do during that weekend. Here are some fun ideas to do with either your friends, roommates, or even by yourself!

1. Play a board game

Now, you might have Monopoly just sitting in your dorm room, but have you heard of Pandemic, Sheriff of Nottingham, or even Dread? These are just a few of the many different board games you can buy and find out! Pandemic is a strategy game where all players work together to eradicate 4 diseases from the board before the card pile runs out or you have too many outbreaks. Sheriff of Nottingham is a delightful bluffing game that pits friends against each other to see how much contraband you can sneak into the city. Finally, but probably my favorite on this list is Dread. A roleplaying game (meaning that you pretend to be another person/a character) that uses a Jenga tower instead of dice and math! The book comes with 4 premade games and teaches you how to make your own. Now you might not have these readily available unless you are planning on spending the weekend in in advance, but there are many print and play games online that are just awesome! For example, Love Letter is a game that only uses cards and can easily be printed offline. You are a suitor trying to get a declaration of love to the princess, but so are the other players. This is a deduction and bluffing game that can be played anywhere as long as there are enough players.

2. Bad Movie Night

Three movies I believe everyone needs to see before they die: Rubber, Monkey Shines, Titanic: The Animated Movie. All of these movies are accessible on either Netflix or Youtube. Rubber is about a tire who has telekinesis and psychic powers that just kills people. That's it. It kills people for no reason. On the other end of this weird spectrum is Monkey Shines. Starting off relatively normal, the main character stretches naked on the floor (don't worry, nothing is seen) before going for a jog and getting hit by a truck. The "body" used for this scene is noticeably fake, adding to the B-Rating. To help him, the family gets him a Capuchin monkey to get him things and take care of him. Somehow through weird science the man is able to control the monkey and uses it to enact revenge on old lovers and friends. This sounds awesome except this movie had probably a $0.50 budget and is extremely predicable. Perfect for a night in! To wrap up this list is Titanic: The Animated Movie which can only be summed up by the song "It's Party Time."

3. Redecorate

What's better than moving around all your room! Not only is rearranging furniture totally Feng Shui, but you can get creative with it if your roommates are down. Currently, my suite has two desks in our shared space, one desk under a bed for storage and another desk in my room for me to use. We have so much space we were able to fit a futon! You never know just how much space you have until you are able to get creative with it. Are people not using their desks? Stack them or throw them under the bed. You will have more room and can still use the drawers as storage! Are there beds in odd places? Bunk or put them together. Bunking can be difficult depending on the room but if you make a 90* angle with the beds you can easily get some more space. Get creative with it (within safety measures!) and see what you can your roommates can come up with. Two rules of thumb, though: Never touch someone's stuff unless they have explicitly told you you could and if it causes you to think "This could be dangerous." err on the side of caution and assume it is.

4. Spa day (for all genders)

There is nothing better in this world that showering and being clean. Eating Chipotle can be a close second but there is nothing better than feeling refreshed and relaxed. Girls? Go to a local Asian market and buy the face masks and scrubs! Super cute ads on the packages and they work wonders! Leave your skin feeling fresh. Guys? Do the same thing! Sure, it might seem weird at first but who cares! Not only would it be totally fun to have a bunch of guys hanging out with face masks on but they make your skin softer and can help clear breakouts if you're prone to having them. Besides, what's funnier than seeing the biggest and toughest guy you know asking for an avocado face mask to go with his juniper berry hand scrub? Nothing. That's what. So forget it being "girly" or "feminine" for one night and just enjoy yourselves. You can even make a whole event out of it and get cucumber slices for your eyes. I don't know what they really do but it is fun.

5. Make something

There is nothing more satisfying to me than holding something and thinking "I made this." Feeling particularly creative? Grab some paper and draw a friend or something you saw that day. Get wild and make it abstract! Not on the creative side? Doodle. Just put a pen to paper and make a giant, overlapping swirly line! Once you are done just take some crayons and color in the spaces. See what images pop up and what it becomes. Who knows, maybe you can sell this for tons of money! Neither of those sound good? Write a poem, a song, a letter to a friend. Making something stimulates the brain and can help clear that fogginess that comes after a long week of tests and classes. Embrace your inner child and go nuts. If none of this makes you excited, download a coloring page or five. They have sports pages, cartoons from when we were kids, books, TV shows, anything you can think of!

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