The Soundtrack To My (College) Life

The Soundtrack To My (College) Life

"I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know..."

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Everyone always says college can be the best - and worst - years of your life. With two months left, I can personally say that I can attest to that statement a little too well. I've had some of my best days, and dealt with some of the worst. With that being said, I can describe my time here with every word in the dictionary, but instead here are a few songs that explain each year perfectly.

Freshman Year

I Wonder: Kanye West

"It aint happen yet, and that's what intuition is"

Sky Walker: Miguel

"Celebrate everyday like a birthday"

Sophomore Year

Soundtrack to my Life: Kid Cudi

"I've got some issues that nobody can see..."

All Falls Down: Kanye West

"Sophomore, three years, ain't picked a career..."

Junior Year

'03 Adolescence: J. Cole

"Who am I?"

Alright: Kendrick Lamar

"If God got us, then we gon' be alright"

Senior Year

Feel: Kendrick Lamar

*inserts the whole verse and chorus*

Pursuit of Happiness: Kid Cudi

"I'll be fine once I get it... I'll be good"

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