Growing up in the 2000s, it was impossible to not hear a Soulja Boy song on the radio. He changed rap in a big way when he dropped "Crank That" in 2007.

Now those days are long gone, and Soulja Boy isn't putting out hits and making money like he used to. So just what does he do to keep the lights on in the penthouse that he totally owns and doesn't rent? Sell sketchy video game consoles from China, that's what.

Soulja Boy has "his own" website where he sells game consoles, handhelds, phones, tablets, earbuds, and even smartwatches. All of these products have "Soulja" on them, such as the "SouljaWatch" or the "SouljaPad," but these are not even his own products.

For instance, in this Instagram post, he is advertising the "Soulja Game Fuze:"

However, you can find the exact same photo and product for sale on Ali Express.

The description of the console claims major video game companies are providing content for it, which is not true. This is just a Chinese bootleg that comes with illegally obtained copies of games owned by these companies. One of these companies is the video game industry titan, Nintendo.

The Soulja Game console and handheld both advertised having up to 3,000 games from various systems including Playstation, GameBoy and the NES. The GameBoy and NES are both properties of Nintendo, and they do not play around with copyright. In 2018, they sued a man for selling Nintendo Switch hacks and modded NES classics and shut down websites that had free copies of their games.

Of course, instead of taking down the systems to avoid trouble, Soulja Boy decided to tweet some very bold things in some now deleted tweets. A few days after deleting his tweets, he decided to delete the Soulja Fuze and the Soulja Boy handheld from his website, leading me to check out other websites to learn more about them.

Nintendo is the ones who took down the website. Typing in now redirects to the Nintendo website, where you can purchase game systems that aren't Chinese knockoffs. Don't be surprised if Soulja Boy gets sued for millions of dollars in the next few months and has to shut down his website.

I know some of you reading may be sad you missed out on the "Soulja Game Fuze," but don't forget you can just buy it from Ali Express if you want to be ripped off.

Also, don't forget you can buy other things from Soulja Boy's website like knock-off AirPods that have different prices for each color. Or how about a knock-off smartwatch with Facebook and Twitter apps that don't work? Better buy them now before Apple decides to take down the website.