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SOS Cuba

An article showcasing the struggles the average Cuban citizen faces leading to the Cuban people protesting all around the world, in the perspective of a sixteen year old Cuban American girl... SOS CUBA.

SOS Cuba

Blindness, an illness that strips an individual of their sight. This illness is present throughout the world, but not in the way you think. Mankind is selfish and cruel and many people who inhabit this world are no stranger to turning a blind eye to problems others face. Now is that whats happening to the people of Cuba? No... well partially, there are some people who chose to overlook the problems Cubans who inhabit the country face, but honestly it's mostly because of the minimal coverage the country gets. The protest that have been afoot is simply because the Cuban population has had enough with the treatment they receive, but the issues they face have been going on for years. That's where blindness comes in or you could also phrase it as the government taking away the ability for people around the world to see what Cubans face on a daily basis. My aunt works as a Dermatologist in Cuba, and even though some might think she avoids the struggles others face, those who think that way are incorrect. I wish she did but life there just doesn't work that way, now if my aunt lived in the United States she would be making much more money than she does in Cuba. The peculiar part about it is the fact that money isn't the most substantial issue, another factor is food. Not only are the prices for food immensely high there really isn't that much food to go around. As the first generation to be born in the United States I'm blessed to have a mother who was valiant enough to join a group of people on a homemade raft and fled the struggling country. My mothers bravery is what has given me the privilege to do as I please, but I felt it was only right to take some time and hopefully reach people far and wide and allow them to be educated on something so important that affects peoples lives so drastically. During these dark times where a deadly pandemic has hit our planet, the Island was and still is deeply affected. The lack of medicine and overall the state of the Country doesn't help. In the United States doctors such as Dr.Fauci tell you to make sure you put the proper nutrients in your body, to hydrate, and take good care of yourself, now how do you do that in Cuba? The answer is you really can't, but as I mentioned earlier the issues have always been there just recently COVID 19 has highlighted all these matters. Although the Island is struggling I'm happy to shed light on the bravery displayed by the athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as they power through and win medals to help represent the prideful country. Moments like these is what will help Cuba become more inhabitable and a joyful place for many people. The medals maybe a sign of victory in the moment but don't take away from the dictatorship the people are under. The President of Cuba is not aiding the situation at all, he's only adding to the situation and making it worse. As he angers the people with his words he only makes the Cuban people wan't to go to the streets even more. Cuba a country full of hope and potential currently plagued by not only Corona Virus but also a dictatorship needs our help and we must push to help the people inhabiting the Island, post about the issue using the hashtag #SOSCUBA.

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