Truth Is, You Don't Get What You Pay For In A Sorority
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Truth Is, You Don't Get What You Pay For In A Sorority

You can't buy friendship even if you wanted to.

Truth Is, You Don't Get What You Pay For In A Sorority

Here in Blacksburg, we are getting ready for primary recruitment for all the National Panhellenic Sororities. It is no secret that our nation has seen a decline in the participation of recruitment for Greek Life. More recently than ever, media has been covering some of the not so good aspects of Greek Life. In turn, this has negatively impacted the amazing things these organizations do accomplish and throw on brutal stereotypes that are never true in all cases, although some choose to take them that way.

So why should you fork over hundreds of dollars every semester to be in a sorority?

Well, I can promise you one thing, the money means nothing once you are in a chapter that is home. People love to say that you pay for your friends in greek life, but what you are actually paying for is the house in which you get to meet friends, the philanthropic events you plan so that you can help get the community involved with your organization and the other social events that you get to share with people from outside of your organization.

A sorority gives you people that will stand behind you through the good and the bad of college, not because they have to but because they genuinely want to. What brings that support together is the understanding that every girl in your sorority has agreed to stand behind the same core values and to grow together for the betterment of women in society.

There is no price anyone could put on the endless opportunities you receive through greek life grow in leadership skills. People might bash the endless positions and committees sororities have, but when you get the chance to make a difference, to lead people, and to accomplish things right alongside people who care for you, that is priceless.

If you think sororities are about buying friends, I have news for you. No quality friendship can be bought with anything other than trust and respect and love.

If you think sororities are about paying for more social events, I have even more news for you. Virginia Tech is one huge social school from countless on-campus events to a jam-packed downtown all the time.

Everything else you get out of joining a sorority is priceless.

The money girls pay each semester to me members of a sorority is simply about keeping the lights on and providing spaces for its members to grow and find joy in spending time with each other. You don't keep those things. Developing lifelong friendships is just the side effect of being present in such spectacular organizations, and that isn't what you are paying for, but that is what you are holding onto for the rest of your life.

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