4 Values For Sorority Recruitment
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4 Values To Keep In Mind When Going Through Sorority Recruitment

Get yourself ready for the sorority rush process.

4 Values To Keep In Mind When Going Through Sorority Recruitment

Let's imagine this: You have just gotten to the college of your dreams, and you have made the decision to go through rush to find a sorority that will best fit you for the next four years of your life. As for me, I go to The University of Kentucky, and I am in Kappa Delta. The rush process, for me, was very overwhelming. However, if I have the chance to go back and go through rush once more, I would do it all over again. I realize now that rush should have been the time where I was being myself and not someone I was not. Reflecting on rush, I learned that the letters that spell out the word "rush" actually can all stand for something. At least, through my eyes.

1. R: Ready

Karleigh Byrne

Before you begin the rush process, you should really prepare yourself. No, this is no scary haunted house or a big exam, but it might be a lot to handle for many girls, including myself. You are about to have countless conversations with all different kinds of girls in all different sororities. Although it sounds tiring, it is so much fun! Talking to girls that have already been in your shoes takes the pressure off a ton. It also allows you to connect with girls and make friendships in the future. Speaking of friendship, you are going to need to prepare yourself for making a lot of new friends throughout the rush process through just the girls that are rushing with you!

2. U: Unique


When I say that every sorority is unique in their own special way, I mean it. I am not talking about the reputations that sororities have that you can only find on google. What I am talking about is philanthropy. This is where many girls should really listen to while thinking about sororities. While going through the rush process, you will hear several things about the organizations and associations that each sorority supports and cherishes. The word philanthropy really means having the desire of promoting a certain organization and that is one truly amazing value that each sorority holds.

3. S: Simple


Kappa Alpha Theta's, Bella Mazza and Olivia Helmer, at Bid Day 2018

This is key when going through rush. When talking to the girls, try to see them as a friend. What things do you have in common with the girls that you are talking to? Do you both study the same major? Do you both have Goldendoodles? Simple questions like these will lead you to the right place! You do not need to have the mindset that you are expected to be a girl that you are not. Be yourself and no one else. That is what you should be always. This keeps things simple and relaxed for you through rush.

4. H: Home


The end of the rush process is truly the best part. It is where you find where you want to be and who you want to be. Not to be cheesy or a typical sorority girl, but Greek life is a great way for girls to connect and make a difference on campus, communities, and in the world just by the little things each sorority values. Some girls might even realize that the whole sorority life is not their style, and that is okay! In fact, my freshman year roommate even went through rush. She got all the houses that she wanted back, yet still did not feel like it was her thing, and I am pretty sure she made more friends than I did and still did small things in her free time that made a huge impact. Once you find out where you truly fit it, you can take a big, deep breath. Because whether you decide to go Greek or not, you are still home. College should be considered your home for the next few years. It is where you are going to make some great memories with great new or old friends.

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