Going through sorority recruitment is a concept that many girls can't wait to experience. While all girls want to "find their people" and make some memories, the fear of rejection or not having your outfit game be strong haunts girls for the two weekends of the process. As someone who recently went through spring recruitment, I can say that the process, while it may be tiring, is much more than worth it. While my experience was subject to my school and organized specifically by members of the school, the overall process should be fairly similar to any recruitment process in general. So, to help guide any girl considering whether or not rushing is for her, here is what it is really like:

Day 1 - Normally Called Values Round

This is the round where you visit every single house. Yes. Every. Single. House. By far, this is the most tiring. But if the girl next to you can do it, so can you. Seriously, you can do it. When I did it the girl next to me in my group had the flu and a 102 fever, but she just popped Ibuprofen, rallied, and still got a bid at the end of the process. For this round you're talking to girls about the easiest topic, yourself. This does mean that you'll probably have the same conversation a million times, so prepare yourself for a lot of "I'm from here, this is my major, and this is why I decided to rush."

Day 2 - Normally Called Philanthropy Round

For this round your list of houses will get shorter, and each sorority teaches you about which charities and philanthropies they each dedicate their services to. Girls will tell you about fun events they do to better the community and raise money for causes ranging from cancer, to vision impairment, to the Ronald McDonald House.

Day 3 - Normally Called Sisterhood Round

This is the round where the videos come out. Get ready for a lot of pop songs and footage of girls smiling, jumping, and hugging one another. As much as you want to say it's cheesy and gross, you'll find yourself loving it and hoping next year you'll be one of those girls waving a tapestry in the air with all her best friends.

Day 4 - Normally Called Preference Round

By far the best round, preference round only involves two or three houses, so by that point you've hopefully already narrowed it down to ones that you click with anyways. Oh, and did I mention you get food? It's been a long ride, but preference is the last step, so put on your heeled booties and your best smile, and have some killer conversations.

Day 5 - Bid Day

This is the point that officially marks the end of recruitment! You've made it through, you've found your place, and now it's time to celebrate. This day is all about meeting your new sisters, dancing like crazy, and having an all out glitter party, because trust me, if you've made it through recruitment, you deserve it!

Overall, sorority recruitment can be a stressful process, but it really is worth it in the end. If you be yourself, have some fun, and yes, "trust the process," you'll end up with more than friends, you'll have a family.