Your stereotypes do not define us

Your Sorority Girl Stereotypes Are RUDE And Ignore Everything Greek Life Stands For

Listen to us chant loud and proud.

Growing up, I have always wanted to be in a sorority. I loved the idea of having girls who had my back. Having events and just having another home. But where I am from, it was looked down upon. I heard left and right, "Oh no! please don't pay for your friends." " I am so sorry for you!" and "Ew." I never understood why people didn't like the idea of it. It took me a year to see that you can't know how amazing it is until you actually become a member.

Outside of the houses, you see what they post. You see the movies. You only get to see the stereotype. From the other side, you see much more than that. You see a group of empowering women who love each other and who love the house even more. You're in a house full of different women who aren't like you. They teach you new things, you go on adventures. They become your closest humans.

I don't care about how many followers i have, what Frat i hangout with, who i am around. I only care about how these women transform me into the woman i am meant to be. How strong I can be having them behind me. I work for everything i have. It doesn't just get handed out to me.

There is so much good that house do. We volunteer, try to go above and beyond for school, and host events to support organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. If you go to a library or a study section on campus, more than likely you will see 5 girls in Greek life. Not only does the house support each other, but other houses support each other as well. It is like a little community that is built full of people who want to make a change in the world and that are on their way to doing just that. We are leaders, and we are independent, strong, confident women.

The women i share my home with have helped me through the lowest times in my life and they have cheered me on during my highest. I know that these ladies will be with me for as long as i am alive and i couldn't be more grateful. I wouldn't know what I would do without the girls I have behind me. Not just in my house, but in the other ones on my campus. It is a community of loving women. I promise you that much.

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