Sophomore year has been one of the greatest years of my life. I lived in an apartment with three of my best friends. I experienced USC game days for the first time. I joined a sorority. I watched through several shows. I made many new friends. I traveled to new locations.

I also got in a bike accident. And a car accident. I got surgery. I struggled with school and understanding my career desires. I got sick. I had weeks where getting out of bed didn't seem to be worth it.

Yet here we are. It's the week before finals, and classes have come to an end.

I couldn't be more sad about it.

Last year I was pretty depressed about the year coming to a close as well, but this year even more so. Everything just seems so perfect the way it is now, and I am not looking forward to change.

I love living with my roommates. I love the classes I had this semester by the end. Seeing Avengers Endgame knowing I couldn't discuss it in journalism class broke my heart.

It's been an amazing year. I've been tested quite a few times, but through these trials I have learned the art of bouncing back. I've also learned to take in every moment and show gratitude for all that you have, because nothing lasts forever.

Sophomore year can't last forever, as much as I wish it could. Neither Spring break, my best friend's sister's wedding, nor Coachella can last forever. Their memory can, though.

And that is what is left of Sophomore year - our memories of it. And our nostalgia.

So thank you, Sophomore year. For being the best yet.

Junior year, you have some high expectations.