There are some students out there who have remarkably-rememberable freshman year experiences. I, on the other hand, started out on a bumpy path, and it took me awhile to find a new direction, or a fresh mindset.

Living in the dormitories, taking the monotonous general education courses, and trying to find a balance between academics and a social life were my least favorite elements of freshman year, but I pushed myself to get through the not-so-glamorous moments because I was highly enthusiastic about what was to come sophomore year. New beginnings were on the rise.

One element of sophomore year I cannot wait to experience is upper-class housing on the University of Oklahoma's campus. I have chosen to live out my sophomore year at Cross, the newest, on-campus student housing facility at the University of Oklahoma, due to its intriguing facilities and dining options.

Spruce Blow Dry Bar and Salon, Quick care health clinic, 24 Hour Fitness Gym, and Brickwalk Eateries were just a few amenities that drew my attention toward Cross. Also, I loved the 4-bedroom, 2-bath housing option because I will receive a private bedroom, but I still get the opportunity to grow close with three other students at OU. Going from the ancient, tight-spaced Couch Center (my freshman dorm) to Cross' Community is going to quite a wonderful transition, and I can't wait for the adventure.

The second component of sophomore year that I'm exhilarated for is taking courses that actually have to do with my chosen major, English Writing. During my freshman year, I took general education courses, such as chemistry, precalculus and trigonometry, and several others that didn't exactly mold to my major, and I believe it's why I wasn't 100% ecstatic about going to class and going deeper into my studies. However, for my upcoming fall semester of sophomore year, I'll be taking three classes that perfectly align with my English major, and I'm totally stoked. Going to college, or any level of schooling, is most-enjoyable when you're taking classes that stimulate your mind and grab your attention, and that's what I look forward to for this upcoming semester.

Lastly, studying abroad is on my sophomore-year bucket list, and it's an element of college that has been stirring in my mind since I walked onto OU's campus. My goal for studying abroad is to enroll in an exchange study abroad program with the University of Glasgow in Scotland, University of Hertfordshire in England, or Paris Dauphine University in France. I'm very intrigued by the countries of Western Europe, and these particular universities in OU's exchange program have really stood out to me as I researched the study abroad website over the last several months. I've also never travelled outside of the United States, so some could see why this is such an interesting opportunity to me, and I cannot wait for the possibilities that are heading in my direction.

Although freshman year was an amazing learning experience and allowed me to grow more independently, I am surreally glad that it is coming to an end. With that being said, I'm excited to approach summer with an open, relaxing mind and come back in August with a set list of goals for the year, and a plan to grow in both my academics and my personal life.