Everyone has those days where they just don't feel like crawling out of bed. From my personal experience, listening to sad songs while I am feeling down, makes me feel better. So, I have compiled a list of 15 songs for people looking for that perfect down in the dumps playlist.

1. Skinny Love-- Birdy

2. Tied Together with a Smile-- Taylor Swift

3. Miserable at Best-- Mayday Parade

4. Bulletproof Love-- Pierce the Veil

5. Roger Rabbit-- Sleeping with Sirens

6. I Fall Apart-- Post Malone

7. Amnesia- 5 Seconds of Summer

8. Little Do You Know-- Alex & Sierra

9. I Have Questions-- Camila Cabello

10. Memories of a Broken Heart-- Crown the Empire

11. Meet Me in the Hallway-- Harry Styles

12. Hold On to Me-- Mayday Parade

13. Unsteady-- X Ambassadors

14. Liability-- Lorde

15. 2 Chord-- Sleeping with Sirens

Enjoy the small playlist for your sad, bad, angry, or just because of days. I hope to have introduced someone to some great new music. What do you listen to when you're having a bad day?