12 Songs You'd Never Heard About
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12 Songs You'd Never Heard About

I love exploring small artists and what they come up with. It's like finding hidden gems.

12 Songs You'd Never Heard About
Spencer Imbrock from Upsplash

I really, really love listening to small artists and exploring what their passion is and what they like to play/sing about. I mean, 54% of my listens in 2018 (according to Spotify) came from new, emerging and smaller artists, which I'm so proud of. I love knowing songs that no one else knows because it's like my own little secret and feelings that I can feel by myself. Call me selfish, but it's nice to have something that's only yours.

Disclaimer: not everyone will/might enjoy these songs, which is completely fine, but remember to keep an open mind when listening.

In this listicle, I'll be highlighting my favourite line(s) from the songs. Hopefully y'all will enjoy this :)

1. "Slacks" - Valley

"You don't hold my heart, like you fell from heights"

This is the line that I sing along most of the time during the song and I can say that I truly love this line and the entirety of the song itself. It's one of those songs that you could play during a late night drive with the windows down or songs that you can listen to, to comfort your subconscious while you do something relaxing for your soul.

2. "In Camera" - Yumi Zouma

"Everything has changed, alright."

This kinda makes me feel sort of bittersweet. I first heard it during hard times and I won't say it lifted me up, but it did make me feel comforted. It made me feel as though I was accepting the fact that whatever situation I was in changed me and took a part of me away and that it was okay because everything did change. But change happens everywhere.

3. "Lemon Drop" - Rococo Disco

"Waiting for somebody in the room to talk." "She's not quite what she seems" "She's something straight out of my dream, she's hard to believe in, I can see" "You're not on your own"

I have a lot of feelings with this song. I am completely in love with this song and I completely adore it to pieces. I will say though, the lyrics aren't clearly spoken in the song and I couldn't find the specific lyrics so these may or may not what the singer is saying, but I still love them. I feel like I can cry or smile to this song. It's definitely one of those songs that say, "Yes, I will be there when you have been shaken up to your core and I will also be there during the happiest days of your life".

4. "Beer & NyQuil (Hold It Together)" - Spanish Love Songs

"Guess nothing's perfect in the end." "I want to know what I love...to hold it together but that's not an option anymore."

This is one of those headbangers that are played when the main character in the 2000's movie walks into high school with a new attitude and suddenly has like 5 new besties. Even though it sounds and is one of those rock/alternative songs, the lyrics definitely are something else that are relatable. Kinda drills down to my deepest fears or whatever.

5. "All Is Well" - Pansy Boys

"I tell myself each day is anew." "All is well, but we're not."

God, Pansy Boys as an artist are a whole different concept and I love it so much. I literally don't know how to describe this song. It's something that makes you feel as though you're in a haze and you can't really think very well, regardless of the lyrics. I think it accurately describes me on "one of those days."

6. "F**k U" - Kailee Morgue

"I said hey you, with your world painted blue. I said fuck you, I was the brightest light you ever knew"

This is a funny little song. An invitation to directly flip off to anyone that you'd like. I love how the melody of this song is light and chill but at the same time the lyrics lets you know to not mess with me and if I'm done with you, I am done with you. Byeeeee.

7. "Gap In The Clouds" - Yellow Days


"A beautiful mind between those eyes." "I wasn't looking but I found a gap in the clouds, the sun comes out..."

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. I will literally say that about every song here but this is the song. I first learned about it's existence when this girl posted it on her story on Instagram. I will thank her for life. It's one of those songs that I will play in the morning when I'm feeling inspirational or during the time when I need to get shit done and I know this song will motivate and inspire me (with its lyrics, of course). It puts together the key ingredients for an inspirational song and arranges it in such a poetic way...Shakespeare ain't got nothing on this piece *heart eyes emoji*

8. "Rose" - Honest Men

"It's the way that you move and I'm falling in love with you" "Was the look on your face now I'm falling in love with you"

And back to the slow songs! All these small reasons why the singer is falling in love are all the reasons I need to believe that this is the best love song in my playlist (currently). It's definitely a one of a kind (for me at least) and is definitely one of those I'd like to share with a special someone someday.

9. "Jane" - LAUNDRY DAY

"I don't know you but you make me feel a way...It's hard to say"

I never realised how much of a lovey dovey song this was, since I've always considered it to be something like a morning shower jam. But, I also think it's one of those that you could play on a late afternoon coffee chat with bae or friends or if you're just chilling on a hammock or in the park with people you love. It's definitely a 'come and get together to share love' kind of song. More suitable in the late afternoon though, I will say.

10. "Pack a Day" - Charlie Sztyk

"Drink your morning coffee, smoke a pack a day" "Sometimes I write, I don't know why, can we not fight" "Forgiveness is a bitch, ain't it now" "What did I do? Where did I go?"

Much like Jane, this is another one of those late afternoon songs. Instead of the love shared, I feel like this one has a reality check in it. It explores the complexity of relationships with friends and lovers and sounds like what a cigarette would sound like, if you know what I mean. Late night talks and the 'heavy' stuff are explicitly addressed here. I love it.

11. "How Many Nights Do You Dance With Tears in Your Eyes" - Love You Later


"How many nights do you dance with tears in your eyes? We used to dance all the time..."

This is seriously such a long title but it wins song of my fall semester. That one lyric got me all the time. I felt like it was basically asking, was everything a lie and pretend? Was nothing real? Then why did I feel all these things that made it seem real? Am I that gullible? Why is this happening to me? Man, my thoughts got real deep when I first heard this song. But at the same time, it was nice to know that some people are also doubting themselves and that I'm not alone.

12. "Annie and Owen" - Dan Romer

This is the first and last instrumental of the list and I'm only including it because it is truly motivating. It's from the Netflix show Maniac, starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, and it's played at the very end of the series, basically the best and most heartwarming part. It randomly reminds me of New York in the chilled autumn breeze in the morning, where the city is just getting ready for its day and I'm walking down the streets with excitement. It's one of those that help me think, "I got this".

Well, there you go! Honestly, I get how annoying it might be to look each and everyone up but please do have a listen to these, they honestly are so amazing. If it helps, they're all on Spotify.

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