5 Songs From For King & Country's New Album That I Absolutely Love
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5 Songs From For King & Country's New Album That I Absolutely Love

These songs are extremely relatable and move my soul.

5 Songs From For King & Country's New Album That I Absolutely Love

For King and Country has been one of my favorite Christian artists since my Sophomore year of high school. God showed me their powerful and unique songs to help get through many tough days that weird teen life can throw at you. I believe their relatable songs can bring anyone out of their sorrow and closer to God. Here are the songs that have really touched me from their new album Burn the Ships.

Need You More.

This song is so beautiful and always brings me to tears. It is so relatable to what I am going through right now. Sometimes you come to a point in your life where everything is slowly falling apart, nothing you do is making it better and you realize how much you really need God.

God only Knows.

I absolutely love the lyrics, "There's a kind of love that God only knows." Life gets so hard and it feels like no one understands, not a single person. You know everyone is judging but they have no clue what's going on in your life. God knows, fully understands, and cares and his love will always find you. One of the things I always seem to forget is that Jesus completely understands, and this song helps me remember.

Fight on, Fighter.

This song gives a sense of hope and courage. it reminds that on tough days anything is possible with God. This song reminds me of one of my favorite passages, Romans 5:3-5. Our suffering makes us stronger and in the end is worth pushing through all the bad. We are never alone through and God is carrying us the whole way through.


This song is a lot of fun and upbeat but also portrays a serious message. No matter what goes on in life it is still our choice to find the joy in even the worst moments.


Lately, I have tried to take full control of what I thought was my life. All I have done is completely ruin everything around me. This song brings me back to the reality that my life is always better when I give it up to God and let him take control of every aspect.

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