10 Songs We Need To Hear On The Hella Mega Tour
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10 Songs We Need To Hear On The Hella Mega Tour

It's a must for teenage angst.

10 Songs We Need To Hear On The Hella Mega Tour

2020 marks one of the biggest tours that will be happening with three of my favorite bands. The excitement I have for this concert is unreal and unbelievable that these three bands would even set foot on the same stage. These bands just happen to be Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day. Here is a list of songs I hope to see on the setlist!

1. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

This is one of Green Day's signature songs and it would be pretty much upsetting if we didn't get to hear it!

2. "Sugar We're Going Down"

If you don't automatically start singing along to the lines "Is this more then I bargained for" then you don't belong at this concert.

3. "Hashpipe"

This song gives me 2009 vibes of playing guitar hero in my uncle's basement. It's a must for teenage angst.

4. "Beat It"

Fall Out Boy's cover of beat it will always be one of my favorite covers. I actually prefer it over Micheal Jackson's version.

5. "Island in the Sun"

One of the things I enjoy most about this song is it's relaxing. You can literally vibe with it anywhere at any time.

6. "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

This song is always one of the first things I listen to when I wake up in the morning. Like the previous song listed, it mellows me and gives me that relaxing feeling I need to start my day off.

7. "Say It Ain't So"

This was the first song I heard from Weezer that turned me into a fan.

8. "Dance, Dance"

I feel a mosh pit coming on while this classic song is playing.

9. "Thanks for the Memories"

Yet again, another Fall Out Boy song that makes me want to transport back to the 7th grade.

10. "Good Riddance" ("Time of Your Life")

If they have an encore, this is what needs to be played.

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