11 Songs To Make Your Finals Merry and Bright
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11 Songs To Make Your Finals Merry and Bright

Study and sing you filthy animals!

11 Songs To Make Your Finals Merry and Bright
Grace Gilbert

Hey everyone! My latest realization is that I am officially more than halfway done with my college career. Weird. That's right. As of a few days ago, I am a second semester Junior. My finals went well and now I'm home with my awesome family and friends taking a much needed break.

I kind of had some thoughts during finals week.Which was pretty annoying considering I had very little (and I mean very little) time for thoughts. When my super intelligent and studious best friend dragged me to the library, I asked myself how many more times would she have to do that? Wait...am I? Will I? Am I going to miss the kind of chaos that makes you want to throw up that is finals week?

You're probably about to stop reading and report me for suspicious behavior but I'm serious. Soon we will be phased out. Before our chairs can even get cold some wide eyed freshman who thinks Four Loko is a food group will be taking your place burning the midnight oil at the library. So is it so wrong of me to say that maybe, just maybe I might miss it?

I'll kind of miss making Starbucks practically my place of residence for a week and fighting people for a seat. I'll miss the study snacks my sorority treats us with. I'll miss the feeling you get when you hand in your last final that could only be comparable to what a popstar feels when they do a mic drop at Madison Square Garden.

Also while I should have been studying I started to think of ways to turn Christmas songs into songs about finals and I am now going to share that with you. If you're out of the woods and done with your finals I hope these make you laugh and look back at the awesomely terrible time you had. If you're still finishing up may these tunes keep you going!

1. "Silent Night, Horrible Night"

This is a song about how quiet the library is when you are there all night. Except, all is not calm and all is not bright.

2. "All I Want For Christmas in an A"

Mariah Carey please let me know if you're interested in recording this! Thanks!

3. "Dumber Boy"

A song about the guy who texts in the group me the day before the final asking if there is a final. Pa rum pum pum pum

4. "Do You Fear What I Fear"

A song you sing to your fellow classmates as you wait for grades to be posted.

5. "It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Failing"

When your final is in an hour and you're on slide one of ninety seven slides of a Powerpoint.

6. "I Saw Mommy Kissing My Professor"

Just as inappropriate as the real version!

7."Angles We Have Heard On High"

This one goes out to all the math majors out there.

8. "Last Finals" 

~Last finals, I gave you my soul. And the very next day, you didn't post my grade~

9."It’s The Most Terrible Time of The Year"

There'll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories of
finals long, long ago

10. "I Got Run Over By Finals"

Better than it happening to Grandma! Let's change the real version to this permanently!

11. Slay Ride

When you absolutely killed your final!

Well, I have a full album here so if anyone needs me I'll be recording my demo!

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