11 Song Remixes That Are Kinda Better Than The Originals
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11 Song Remixes That I'll Prove Are Just As Good (Or Even Better Than) The Original #SorryNotSorry

Yes, sometimes the remixes are better than the original. Don't @ me, OK?

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Like with song remakes, remixes often have the potential to be better and more successful than the original song. Many now-famous DJs and EDM artists got their start making remixes; including, Zedd, Martin Garrix, and Avicii. As an EDM fan, I love hearing remixes of popular songs because it often brings a new perspective to the song and in some cases, I've fallen in love with a remix, when I'm not a fan of the remix.

Here is a list of songs that are either better or nearly better than the original:

1. "Jackie Chan."

Yes, one of the most popular songs this summer by Tiesto and Dzeko featuring Preme and Post Malone is actually a remix. "Jackie Chan" first appeared on Preme's album, "Light of Day" and eventually became the 2018 summer banger. This is one example of the remix becoming more popular and successful than the original version of the song. The song crosses genres as it keeps true to its hip-hop roots, while also appealing to the club, pop, and dance genres.

2. "Your Side of the Bed."

Pop duo Loote first rose to fame when their remix of Shawn Mendes' song was released. Often known for their behind scenes work in writing and producing, the duo has recently been recently their own music. The original version of the song was already a decent pop tune that delved into complicated feelings about a breakup. However, the duo ended up remixing their own song by adding Korean-American singer to the track. Other than the added voice and a few minor lyric changes, the song remains pretty much the same. However, instead of just getting one perspective in the song, it now offers both lover's perspectives and adds a new touch to the song.

3. "Leave Right Now - Martin Jensen Remix."

Oftentimes when I come across remixes, it's of pop, hip-hop, or rap songs. However, Thomas Rhett's "Leave Right Now" is one of the few country songs that has a decent remix. Since the song is about meeting someone in a club or bar and leaving your respective dates to go home with them, it makes sense that this song would translate well into a club banger. The song already had some electronic components, uncommon for the country genre. But, with an added electronic beat and speeding up the tempo just slightly made this into an irresistible dance song.

4. "MIC DROP (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix]."

The original version of this song off of BTS' album "Love Yourself: Her" already featured a synthesized beat, auto-tune, and many other elements associated with electronic music. However, for the remix American rapper Desiigner takes over the first rap verse, the majority of the lyrics are translated into English, and Steve Aoki makes the beat grittier and harsher. If you listen to the song on a streaming platform, you'll hear this version of the remix. However, the music video doesn't have Desiigner and features J-Hope's and Suga's original rap verses over the remixed beat.

5. "Too Good At Goodbyes - Galantis Remix."

I wasn't a huge fan of Sam Smith's "Too Good At Goodbyes" to begin with, but this remix by Galantis turns the emotional ballad into a dance song that epitomizes crying in the club. It still focuses on Smith's fantastic vocals, but instead places a building beat behind his vocals, only cutting his voice when the beat drops. Turning a ballad into a club banger is no easy task and I have to hand it to Galantis on this one.

6. "How Long - EDX's Dubai Skyline Remix."

Charlie Puth's "How Long" was successful in its own right. This remix starts the song off a bit slower, before quickly building it to the chorus where Puth's vocals are paired with a bouncy electric bass line. After the drop, the song keeps it's uptempo beat and is just as catchy as the original. This remix is a fun dance alternative to the original.

7. "Champion - Remix."

The lead single on Fall Out Boy's latest album, "M A N I A," was remixed with help from BTS' leader and rapper, RM. The song is less harsh than the original, however, the verses and chorus of the main song is interspersed between intense rap verses from RM. Not a lot changed production wise in this remix. However, RM brings an edge to the song. A mixture of rap and pop punk is not something I thought I needed, but this remix certainly changed my mind.

8. "Dusk Till Dawn - John 'J.C.' Carr Mix."

The original version of this song, a collaboration between Zayn and Sia, is a sultry ballad. However, the remix is a dynamic dance track that follows the song's vocals with its highs and lows. I prefer this remix to the original. The remix moves, while the original feels stagnant. The vocals are fantastic regardless, but the production on the remix, fit the vocals better and give the song more of an urgent feel, much like the lyrics portray.

9. "Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)."

A remix of a classic. It stays true to Michael Jackson's timeless sound with the '80s inspired synthetic beat and keeping many aspects of the original production. It feels like just as much of a dance song as the original and while I think it would be hard to be better than the original, it certainly comes close to being just as good. The thought placed into the production shows through when halfway through the narrator's voice from the original cuts through at roughly the same point in the song as in the 1982 classic.

10. "Slow Hands - Basic Tape Remix."

While many remixes add in electronic and synthetic elements, this remix of Niall Horan's "Slow Hands" adds a piano behind the verses. It creates an obvious dissonance that adds some fun to the song. This remix places less focus on the lyrics and focuses more on the musical elements and production. In the end, the song ends up just as fun and almost as sexy as the original.

11. Steve Aoki's "The Truth Untold - Tomorrowland Remix."

Steve Aoki and BTS collaborated once again on BTS' most recent album, "Love Yourself: Tear" for the slow and sad "The Truth Untold" which was inspired by the Italian legend of the Smeraldo. Aoki then announced he would be remixing the song at the Belgian music festival, Tomorrowland. Since no official remix exists on a streaming site or has been released yet, it is hard to tell if the clips that exist from the festival are the full remix or only partial.

However, the remix starts off slow, not changing much from the original. As the song progresses, and at natural transition points, the music builds until the beat drops after the haunting lyric "I still want you." While the EDM remix of such a sad song may seem odd, I like the juxtaposition of the upbeat music mixed with the somber lyrics and vocals. It amplifies the emotions and mimics feeling the intense emotions of forbidden love.

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