Sometimes We Knock And The Door Doesn't Open

I step forward, eagerly ready for the door to open. I reach out my hand and clasp my fingers to make a fist. My knuckles hit the worn out, faded blue door and dust settles around me. With the sun hitting the stain glass that is encased in the old, worn and beautiful door, I can see my dreams in the reflection. But, as I stand there mesmerized by the door, intrigued by the opportunity that lays beyond it, I stare at my watch. I look down for a split second and when I look up once again, above the door hangs a sign. The sign reads 'Please be Patient, Please Wait.' I look at the sign in utter confusion and grasp the brass handle. I pull and pull, but the door does not open. The door is shut, the door is locked and it will not be opened until the key master turns the lock on the beautiful, faded door.

When I see an opportunity or a chance to take one step further towards my own dreams, I find myself stopped by a closed door. A door that I know holds the chance I want to take, but a door that won't open because the timing isn't His own. So often I find myself stopped by a door shut to my own timing. Now when this door is closed, it doesn't mean it can never be opened. But rather, the door will stay shut until God leaves it wide-open.

We serve a father who is perfect in His timing. He has a plan for each and everyone of us. One that was formed by Him for you, before you were even knit together in your mothers womb. So, don't loose heart dear child of the one true King. Don't try to take the door down yourself or pick the lock, but rather, be patient and find peace in where God has you now. He is the time keeper and we are to patiently wait. Even when we knock and he does not answer, that does not necessarily mean 'no.' But instead it means 'wait' or 'follow me this way,' towards a door that is new, filled with countless opportunities that are beyond your own comprehension.

So, as I sit here on this stoop, I can't help but stare eagerly back at the beautiful door. I wish for it to be opened, I crave what lies beyond it. But for some reason, I find myself getting up to leave the old, worn-out, beautiful door. I walk across the way and before my eyes appears another door. A door that I've never seen before. In the reflection of the glass window that is encased in the door, I see my name written. I gasp and I reach for the handle. But, before I can touch my fingers to the polished brass, the door swings open. I don't know what to do. I never saw myself gravitating towards a door like this. I stare into the future that the door holds.Then I stare down at my watch in anticipation and as I look up I see someone in the distance. Beckoning me to step forward. To enter the open doorway and step into the beautiful unknown.

The doors we encounter all have their own opportunities and adventures that lay beyond them. Some swing wide open, some stay closed for a time and others disappear entirely. But, no matter what door you find yourself at now, know that God is the master of keys. He holds the pen to your story and he holds the key to unlock your next adventure. So, give your dreams and hopes to Him and watch Him us them for beautiful, Kingdom work.

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