Someone Paid Off All My College Debt
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Someone Paid Off All My College Debt

God did it for me, and He can do it for you!

Someone Paid Off All My College Debt
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On January 12, 2020, God moved upon my mom and I to give a sum of money away to our church. Part of me did not want to part with the money because I thought, "We could really save this money up to pay off my college debt."

As a current Masters student graduating this May (still with no idea where I will work because my career plans fell through), my debt has always been something I've avoided thinking about.

Maybe this is something some of you are feeling right now!

But that Sunday, our pastor's message was about God's ability to accomplish great miracles for those who trust in Him. As I listened to this message, God gave me the assurance that He had already gone AHEAD of me to pay off my college debt. I knew that by giving away this sum of money, I was showing I trusted that He could and would provide richly for my family.

The very next day on January 13, my mom and I were invited to a friends' home for a casual meetup. Right before we left, this friend and her husband said they wanted to discuss something with us. We would have never guessed what they would do next:

They sat us down and looked at me, saying, "God put it in our hearts to pay off all your college tuition – no strings attached."

In two hours, all my debts were completely paid off.

In fact, the sum of money that they gave me was exactly 100 times more than the amount my mom and I gave to our church the day before.

When I saw this amount, great fear and trembling came over me – not because I was afraid – but because I could not believe God was this good and that He would act so quickly. This amount was MORE than I needed to pay off both my undergraduate and graduate school loans, as well as the total interest incurred.

I was so overwhelmed I wept. I had never openly shared about the burden of my college debt with this couple. This is how I really knew that God was the One who had moved upon them to give me this generous gift.

At first, I felt like I should not accept a sum of money that I could not pay back. However, they reassured me, saying, "Jesus loves you! This is from Him. He wants to bless you simply because of His great love towards you."

By God's amazing grace, I am DEBT FREE 4 months before my graduation date this May. God has exceeded all of my expectations and proved that He is faithful!

If God could do it for me, He can do it for you too - no strings attached.

There is a verse in the Bible that says:

"This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and delivered him out of ALL his troubles!" Psalm 34:6

If you are burdened about a situation that feels hopeless, I want to assure you: Jesus can bring to pass His plans for you in an incredible way that defies all natural laws of time and space. He is so AWESOME.

In 2020, God will be compressing both time and space to work great wonders among His people!

Author's note: My mom was incredibly touched by this couple's act of kindness, especially because of this: In 2003, God called my mom to leave her well-paying job to work for our local church. When she turned in her resignation letter, her boss pulled her aside and said, "Why are you leaving our company to work for your church? Are you sure that your small church can support you financially and put your daughter through college?" My mom refused to give in to fear. She chose to work for our church anyway. 2 years later, her former boss faced a lawsuit and their large company was forced to shut down. 15 years later, I am graduating with my graduate degree. God has been very faithful to my mom: She's still working for our church and guess what? He provided every dollar I would need to finish two degrees!

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