19 Reasons Someone Great Is So Relatable

19 Moments That Make 'Someone Great' The Most Relatable Movie Of Our Generation

This movie deserves every bit of hype that it's getting.


The latest Netflix original movie, titled "Someone Great", tells the story of Jenny and her friends as they reach the end of their 20's. That might sound like the plot of every other "chick flick" you've seen, but "Someone Great" is different. *Spoiler Alert* There is no happy ending for Jenny, at least not in the way you'd expect. "Someone Great" managed to accurately depict a millennial woman while showcasing her career, friendships, and love life, and for that, I am grateful.

1. When Jenny spills her soul to the girl at the metro station.

When you're a drunk female, it is basically tradition to become best friends with any girl you meet in the bathroom, or in this case, while waiting for the subway. Jenny was hyped up by this stranger simply because they were both drunk and Jenny needed the sympathy. While this friendship was short lived, it was one that every girl has had.

2. When Blair and Erin talk about Jenny and Nate.

If you have a tight group of girlfriends, you know that you all talk about each other when the others aren't present, but not in a bad way. It was completely normal that Erin and Blair would discuss the possibility of Jenny and Nate breaking up without Jenny actually being there.

3. When Blair can't call out of work.

After finding out that Jenny and Nate did break up, Erin offers to meet up with Jenny, but Blair has a big day of work ahead that she can't miss. I hate when people say that if someone isn't with you in your bad times, they shouldn't be with you in your good times. That's unrealistic. Blair does the best she can to be a good friend while still maintaining her responsibilities.

4. When Blair is hesitant to end her long relationship.

Multiple times throughout the movie, it is made clear that Blair is unhappy in her long term relationship, but she defends it to her friends. It's completely normal to be nervous to end something that has been a constant in your life for so long, even if you'll be better for it in the end.

5. When the girls decide to go to Neon Classic.

When you've been friends for years, you develop attachments to certain places. It only makes sense that Erin and Blair would cheer Jenny up by bringing her to Neon Classic, one of their oldest and most cherished traditions.

6. When the girls get scammed by Craigslist.

Jenny manages to find last minute tickets to Neon Classic through a connection on Craigslist. Unsurprisingly, these tickets don't work out, but the scammer does ask to hook up with the girls. This should have been a shock to nobody.

7. When the girls get hype by blasting music and dressing up.

Multiple times throughout the movie, Jenny, Blair, and Erin cheer themselves up by singing along to their favorite songs, and there is a great scene of the three of them getting dressed up for the Neon Classic. This may seem cliché, but this is exactly what girlfriends do to cheer each other up.

8. When Blair tries to hide her relationship with Matt.

As close as you can be with your friends, there are certain things that you'll be hesitant to tell them. Not only is Blair cheating on her boyfriend with Matt, but Matt and Jenny used to have a relationship. Jenny is very open about her dislike for Matt throughout the film, further discouraging Blair. The lesson here is that just because you don't tell your friends every detail about your life, it doesn't mean that they're not your best friends.

9. When Jenny doesn't get mad at Blair.

Eventually, Jenny and Erin do find out about Matt and Blair, but they handle it with humor. Erin is proud of Blair for being a little bit bad, and Jenny is just happy to see her friend happy. So many movies pit girls against each other over a guy, but "Someone Great" got it exactly right.

10. When Erin is afraid to grow up.

Erin is definitely the least motivated of the group to start a career or to get into a serious relationship. She likes to live in the past and get a little crazy. She's scared to commit to her girlfriend, or tell her that she loves her. There is nothing wrong with any of that, as everyone grows at different paces. That said, it is heartwarming to watch Erin realize that she's in love with her girlfriend and that there is more to life than partying.

11. When Erin wants to leave the club to watch a murder documentary with her girlfriend.

We've all been there.

12. When Jenny doubts her entire future.

Change can be scary, especially one as big as what Jenny is going through. It was completely relatable to see a woman who is career focused doubt herself, rather than the usual movie trope of a career obsessed woman who comes across as bitchy (which isn't that character's fault as powerful women are often portrayed as bitchy in order to pigeonhole them, but I digress). Frankly, it was refreshing to see a woman put her career first while still worrying about her relationships.

13. When Erin and Blair lose Jenny at Neon Classic.

If you've been out with your friends, you know how easy it is to get separated. Whether someone went off with someone they met, someone is in the bathroom or getting a drink, someone lost their phone or passed out in a corner, there are a million scenarios as to why someone could lose track of their friends. Just make sure you agree on a meet up spot and stay safe!

14. When Erin and Blair are able to find Jenny with a single clue.

When you're best friends with someone, you start to think like them. You know their habits and their stories, so it wasn't surprising that Blair and Erin knew exactly where Jenny was.

15. When Jenny imagines a reconciliation with Nate.

Everybody fantasizes about what they want, so it's normal to see Jenny picture herself getting back together with Nate. We often wish that we could relive certain situations and make them better, or say things that we never got the chance to say. It was a sweet look inside of Jenny's mind, and you can't say that you've never done the same.

16. When Jenny and Nate don't get back together.

As much as the audience was rooting for Jenny to find a happy ending with Nate, that's not realistic. It was also interesting to see Jenny admit that she and Nate had a lot of problems, and that they probably weren't right for each other no matter how in love they were. That's not something that often happens in film.

17. When Jenny isn't sad the entire movie.

Jenny does have her moments to cry over Nate, but she also has genuine moments of happiness and fun with her friends. Being sad over a guy or a relationship is completely normal, but if you've been through a breakup you know that it really isn't the only thing on your mind. You still have your friends, family, and ambitions. No matter how much heartbreak you're going through, it isn't the end of the world.

18. When Jenny allows herself to feel sad.

While you won't be sad forever, it is healthy to allow yourself to feel whatever you need to in order to move on. While Jenny isn't sad throughout the entire film, she does give herself permission to grieve over her relationship. Some surprisingly good advice comes from Matt, who tells Jenny to live in the sadness for as long as she can, because once she stops feeling that sadness the relationship is truly over.

19. When the girls agree to stay close no matter how far apart they are.

Sometimes, being apart from your friends can be harder than being apart from your significant other. Not only is Jenny losing her relationship and leaving her city, but she is going to be apart from her best friends for the first time. I know from experience that that's a really difficult transition. All I can say is God bless FaceTime.

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Now that I am older, I'm grateful my parents have introduced me to the Catholic Church. I like having something to believe in and being able to have faith. I'm a huge optimist in my daily life and a big part of that is because I trust God's plan for me, whatever happens is with his best intentions for me. I like being able to believe there is more to life than our time on Earth.

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Hey You, Get Off Your Phone!

A phone addiction: the one thing we all have in common.


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Force yourself to find another outlet when you're bored.

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