To the friends who believed we would grow old together, to the friends who traded their deepest secrets with me and kept all of my secrets safe, to the friends who loved me and stood by me through everything: thank you.

Thank you and I am sorry.

There were times where I truly believed we were attached at the hip. Your home was my home, as well as your family. Yet, things tend to change as we get older. Do not get me wrong - I love you. I always will, but we have grown so much and we are on different paths in our lives now. Our schedules do not align, our beliefs are completely different, our priorities have changed, and we are no longer as compatible as we once were.

I have nothing but respect for you, please do not think that I have cut you off for hateful reasons.

I hope you get everything you ever wanted out of life; however, I will not be there to celebrate with you.

We are adults now. It is harder to always hang out or talk on the phone because we are just so busy in our lives. That is okay. Life gets in the way sometimes, and maybe it is for the best.

I hope you find the love of your life. I hope you get married and have lots of children. I hope you grow old with your love and spoil all your grandchildren. I hope you still keep all my secrets, as I will keep all of yours - they are not mine to share. And I hope someone loves you and supports you the way you had loved and stood by me.

If one day we meet again, I know that we will click like the day we first met. Until then, thank you for being my temporary person. Thank you for being you.