Social media and overthinking
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To All The Girls That Overthink About Social Media, It's Not Worth It

Stop worrying about every little thing on social media.


In today's society, we are bombarded by social media and talking through text messages. It's easy to like someone's picture on Instagram, snap them a quick selfie, or even comment on one of their recent posts. We use those things as a way to "connect" with people we are interested in though, in reality, it doesn't mean much.

We take too much time to edit and crop and change our pictures to make sure they're perfect. Or even make sure we take that SnapChat selfie in the perfect lighting to make sure we don't look bad. We put too much pressure on ourselves to make our feeds look perfect or our selfies look flawless.

You're probably reading this and thinking what does she know. You're not wrong, I might not know much. But I will tell you that overthinking every little thing on social media is not worth it. Ladies, your Instagram feed does not need to be perfect. You don't need to look flawless in every SnapChat you take. Love yourself and love what you post.

If you're posting those pictures or sending those snaps to get attention from someone you like, I understand. But most guys don't even notice how you look in your snaps, most times they are just enjoying the conversation they are having with you. If they don't snap you back, that's okay. It's not the end of the world. I spent way too many nights wondering why so and so didn't snap me back and wondering if I said something wrong or look bad in the picture. Overthinking about something so small was not worth my time.

I used to get really excited when my "crush" liked my Instagram post when in reality he was probably just liking it because that's what people do on Instagram. I am by no means telling anyone that a like one their picture doesn't mean something because it might. Just remember if they don't like the post, that doesn't mean anything either.

Let your social media account be an outlet for you, let it be a way to express yourself. If you want to post a silly picture of yourself with your friends, do it. It doesn't have to be the best picture you've ever taken in your life but it will show a special and fun time you had with your friends.

Stop letting your social media accounts eat away at you. Do not overthink the snaps you got or didn't get, or who saw your story and didn't. Don't worry about whether or not someone liked the most recent picture you posted. Remember no matter what you post, you love the picture. You love the latest tweet you tweeted and you love that snap you just sent. Take some time to love you and try and not overthink it. It's just social media, it doesn't have to be perfect.

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