If Social Media Was Our Only Communication, I'd Have To Say No Thanks

While yes, our world seems to revolve around social media, what if that was actually our world? What if we had to talk, post, and like, and it was our only way of interaction? Imagine being at your family Christmas party and the aunt that gossips about everyone had no choice but to post it in order to be able to gossip; I don't think she would be getting very many likes in this case. At the rate our society is going, we are becoming so dependent on checking all of our social media pages so that we can stay in the loop. I know I am also guilty of this but I try to be a little better about it so that I can pay attention to the life happening around me. If we lived inside one of our various social media apps, it would become a huge game of who can post better content.

Not only that, but we would practically be able to track peoples' every move because if we lived in a Snapchat world, then it would most likely have to constantly update every few minutes, then we would spend hours just watching people's stories. A plus side to this living situation is that secrets would no longer exist; they would not have the ability to survive since the only form of communication would be through posting for the whole world to see.

For me, social media tends to just depress me and make me sad. Many instances, I see people my age living their best life and I feel as though I am not living a fulfilling life. Sometimes, it makes me happy to watch old friends make new ones and see them so happy. If we did not have social media at all, our society would be very different, I don't know if I would say it would be better or worse because I have no idea. All I know is I most definitely would not want to live in a social media app and have everything constantly revolve around that, as well as take up my physical surroundings.

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