Sometimes I feel proud to live in 2019 where cars self-park and we can get food delivered anywhere with the tap of our phone. I love the convenience of googling everything and being able to look up the cute guy in my business calc class. But does it ever stop being convenient and start becoming unhealthy?

The first thing I do in the morning is check Twitter and Instagram. I just have to know what I missed during the eight hours I was sleeping. Maybe Kim K popped out another child or my crush saw my story from last night. After spending 10 of my first few minutes waking up, I finally check the weather which is what I originally intended to do. Technology and social media are created to keep up with your friends and create an online presence that shows you actually have your life together. But we, as a society, have become obsessed with what the other is doing and if they're doing it better.

People have created fake, happy lives online. We think we know who someone is based on their profile but it might not be real. You only see what they want you to see.

The number of times I have checked my ex's social media and those around him just because I was bored and had access to comparing my life post-breakup to his is too many to count. Social media is great to check and see if your tinder guy is normal or post that incredible spring break getaway but not to make you feel bad about your life. When I overhear my roommates talking about their plan to not eat for three days because they want to look like Kylie's new post, it makes me sad.

We need to learn to get up in the morning and not immediately think of checking up on others while you were offline. Who cares? This is YOUR life and you need to worry about making it phenomenal.