4 reasons why you should go on a social media detox
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4 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Social Media Cleanse

Trust me you won't regret it!

4 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Social Media Cleanse

In the past couple years I have gone on minor social media cleanses by removing one or two apps I felt I used excessively and while they have reaped benefits, some of which I will discuss in this article. When I decided to completely get rid of social media the shift in my lifestyle was instant and I quickly realized it was one of the best decisions I made thus far this year. Here is why you should go on a cleanse too:

1. You will focus more on yourself


Social media makes it easy for us stray away from our path and goals and compare ourselves to others. Losing it for some time will allow you to focus on yourself and make decisions based on your preferences and not what your followers prefer.

2. You will be more productive with your time


Not having social media will allow you to assess how much time you wasted on it. All the empty space will give you a chance to adopt more productive habits.

3. You will sleep more


Without social media to distract you, you will be more inclined to sleep early because you won't have anything to distract you from the signals your body gives you when its time to sleep.

4. Post-cleanse social media won't matter as much


Once you get back on social media you will spend less time on it because you'll know you can handle not being on it 24/7.

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